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1/2 CHEST: 15" 1/2 WAIST: 12" SLEEVE LENGTH: 21.5" that looks off, no? Typical 36 would have a 38 chest (so half would be 19 vs 15, 1/2 waist at 12 means full waist of 24, i.e. tighter than the pants). jacket length is 29 BOC, given you listed pants inseam is like 30 I'm guess you're 5ft8in? so sleeve is more like 23~24?
good stuff
good stuff
I thought the progression was something like 348->358->373 for chiseled toe, ???->337->363 for round toe
Are these RLPL? The old RLPL made in Italy shoes were typically >1k, those RLPL were Sasetti (most likely), not sure about these.
another half yr, still around, someone should grab this
Where in NYC?
Sure about leg opening on Rota? 6.75 on 50 is pretty slim
Use to be pediwear, but now I'm not sure if there is any general consensus anymore. you can check out http://www.fransboonestore.com/ they have very limited stock left CJ on sale (and some sweet tricker as well)
good stuff, especially now fall is coming, someone should grab this
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