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Not so sure about the biological reality, you see a lot more women engineer, scientist in China than the West. It's true there is more men than women in STEM in Asia just like the US, but the difference is larger in the US. Even in high school I found much less girl study higher math (say calculus AP) than the comparable when I was in Taiwan.
this threads remind of me metrostyle? or whatever his name was, just classier, surprisingly (though he was trying to get banned on purpose)
Didn't bother to read through the entire threads, but have to say it's "harder" to define feminism today, because the "easy" stuff are done, i.e. women can vote, women can't be discriminate "legally", thus the message is more muddled and harder to press. Equal work equal pay is I think something everyone can agree, the problem is how do you measure it. In my corporate world, I have no doubt, at my level, my women colleague gets paid the same way. Now there are way fewer...
no idea about time frame, though these things if when happen, happen rather quickly. Whatever Trump does it will have long term consequence from world's and his successor's stand point of view, of course America can say f* you guys for a while, but given the relative change in global GDP, won't be able to do that for long..
wow, nice
just a bit too small, damn...
do you have RRL by any chance, are they like the old straight cut or more like low straight?alternatively anyone know how big john fits? measurement wise looks 1 to 2 vanity size?http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/regular-straight-jeans-12-oz-black-denim-912.html
good stuff
probably a wise idea, though I suppose sending to factory is definitely a longer wait? guess more incentive to buy a second watch
so you mean no service for like 30yr now?
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