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Probably stupid autocorrect on smart phone
I thought we're already sure the length is US size but width is UK D thus narrow for US
I have Eidos Tipo in 46EU(which is ok but not great for me), Paul Stuart PC in 36, old PRL in 36, bb Milano in 36 and RLBL for me is in between 36 and 38 depends on the particular jacket. I tried on 184 in 46 once can definitely take in a bit, I have AMJ03 in 46 as well, would also benefit from downsizing (though jacket might be a bit too short...)
Please do I think I might be the only one who is thinking potentially downsize on 184...
You can still score some good deal herr, just not as easy or as often
+1, never owned any Attolini, but base on my try on experience I definitely like them a lot, and for nearly the same money (if I have) I would definitely prefer Attolini over Kiton
all right converted everything except questionable numbers1. Model 172 for size 44, for chest it says "102 (for actual chest between 0 "2. Model 254 for size 52, for waist it says "10" [[SPOILER]]
All right let me convert first part, then I'll do the rest later... [[SPOILER]]
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