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Anyone got the leg opening for Eidos sal trouser in EU 46? Just sold my RLPL white linen trouser, hoping the Eidos cotton/linen fits slimmer
I'm 9.5D US to slight wide, CJ 348 in 8.5E UK is just wearable but prefer more space in the toebox (325/335 has plenty room), GG TG73/DG70 in 9E UK is not wearable (too tight in toebox, 9.5E would be too long), MH71 in 9E UK is just barely ok. Alden wise 9D in barrie has plenty space to spare, though Abreden is too narrow in the toebox in 9.5D, if I go to 9.5E heel would slip (it was on a loafer). Given all of this, what would you guys say chisel 2, 8.5/9 E/F UK is my...
kids are coming in 3 weeks, so skipping this one out this looks amazing, and kind glad it came after I bought the Kiton linen mix, otherwise would be a even harder debate (i.e. would end up just sit on both )
Are these CJ
At least in store the Manhattan fit is quite limited for now
damn, sold my already, should have thought about this too...
good stuff
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