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sweet offering, looking forward to some pictures
sweet stuff
when you guys say grey you mean light or dark grey?
http://www.thearmourystore.com/us/artisans/ring-jacket/ring-jacket-184-windowpane-sport-coat-blue by the way this looks pretty sweet, how would you guys pair the pants though?
Aha, didn't know 240 was one of the original Peal & Co last, cool info.
ah, don't tempt me...
I have tried Ring Jacket (sports coat, didn't try suit, so don't know how the pant fits) at the Armoury at NYC, like the fit a lot, but will probably only stick with sports coat. I prefer more of a English look for suit. For reference I take the same size (36) as all my other suits (RLBL/RLPL/PRL/Paul Stuart/Paul Stuart PC/Isaia/E. Zegna/Gucci)
a lot stuff are 40% off, they took all the suits/sportscoat off Bloomingdales website, decent selection across all sizes (except no EU 46S)
I want to wear the varsity jacket but every time I try them on (doesn't matter which brand) my wife would always tell me I end up looking like some high school students...
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