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for those of you that cares, Saks and Fifth has some Corthay on sale
West Broadway, then maybe Bleecker, Mansion's RRL stuff is very limited, it's more purple/black label stuff
welcome back, can we wait for Vox to show up again...?
high rise trouser works really well if you wear a jacket all the time
how does straight compare to low straight, just higher rise or all around looser
always amazing stuff from you, and great price too
store has almost always been better, and if you can't find the same deal you can just show them the online price then I'm sure they will match it
I bought my at NY Bloomie and after the alteration they gave me another one instead (the guy told him he can't find the original one), though at least it was a thick Zegna one, so I was like ok...
Cool maybe I'll grab one if I see good deal on Ebay
and you downsize 2 like you do on low straight and slim (both of my jeans are from the Japanese denim era)
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