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Really, I mean at ~1000 GBP, it's more less the same price as Ring Jacket (maybe not the US Ring Jacket price)? I suppose you could take off 20% VAT via shipping here, not sure how much they will sell in their pop up shop.
Can I send you money for every single color rib OTC socks in medium or you won't be able to get all 7?
Good stuff
And just a bit too big for me, unbeatable price there
Nice and yea Formosa 36 definitely fits close to 38
Not sure, find the 'motion' for lacing more nature, so probably just not used to it, I probably wear my jodhpur
I like to look at jodhpur though pretty sure won't buy again if I can go back in time as I find buckling to be annoying (so yes monks is annoying to me as well), though that's just me personally. So for same reason probably will never buy button boot...
When RLPL wa truly RLPL all dress shoes were over 1k.
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