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They had Tokyo and New York model for knit, Manhattan model is the one that just came out, how can they have for years
Sounds like a buy for me then, though I do have something from RLBL a few season back that serve same purpose, maybe I should just admit I like it and buy more outwear...
Damn I was just thinking of reverso, this is tempting
Good stuff
How much inseam to let down? Anything altered besides inseam? Front rise seems high for Bradford, that's like between Preston and Dalton
I really like my monitaly outwear just don't think I need more...
well, I prefer progress over no progress, though my guess is it's going to fit some people better and some might still miss the old fit
I would have preferred had my silver/white dial came with a yellow instead silver moon (which I think is the case for women's version?)
I thought making quartz watch jump on second also save power.
or can go with the original version of flying tiger as well
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