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how old are these, EG hasn't make shoes for Paul Stuart for quite sometime now
anyone ever tried the waterproof cream on shell cordovan?
some good stuff here
whoever is taking F train and getting off at 63rd and Lex. had some serious mirror shine on the double monk, I am guessing a member here
I like how your new space look
cool color
Don't think anyone would argue there is an issue with Chinese economy at the moment (especially after the excess credit growth post financial crisis), but what I find ridiculous is the notion that if there is one issue, then the Chinese economy must be heading towards total collapse. It's similar to how the Chinese think that at 2008 the US is probably just going to go under forever
As a "value" buyer I would definitely buy Tesla over BMW i8, though I definitely prefer the look of i8 over Tesla
Are you saying all wealthy Chinese business are corrupt officials, certainly not the case. I am referring to how West perceive the suddenly got rich China..., perhaps not jealousy, but certainly some loss of pride...
Exactly, so they were too poor not they were too rich, oh well.., same sentiment runs in Hong Kong and Taiwan...
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