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Quote: Originally Posted by CDC Great, as usual kallun. Snow. I wish we got some real snow (longer than 2 days light snow/4 days of brown slush and rain - every other year) out here in Seattle once in a while. I've got this 1945 great coat with wool that's about an inch thick. I see one flake and I run and throw it on. Quote: Originally Posted by entropy kid If i was to choose between no snow and running around in the...
Snow! Whyred waxed double breasted coat Bruuns Bazaar shirt Cotton neck warmer Number (n)ine denim Neil Barrett boots
Piped jacket YMC thermal Filippa K knitted scarf with hood Cloak herringbone selvege jeans Dior Homme hightops Filippa K driving gloves
Very nice Fuuma! Scotch & Soda trench coat Distressed wool knit Julian Red denim Fendi cordovan leather shoes
Nice SoCal! Z Zegna leather jacket Mandarina Duck scarf N.Hart frayed edge longsleeve Number (n)ine denim Filippa K leather driving gloves Military rugsack Springcourts
London is a fantastic city for shopping. However as an american(?) you will find a consistent pricehike of about 50% compared to US (even for most european brands) Wander around mayfair and covent garden. Liberty is good for multilabel stores. I strongly disagree about Browns on the other hand... while Browns do carry many interesting brands they consistently buy only the most dull stuff and the most eurotrash stuff from each collection. What type of clothing are...
Nice Collective jacket (close-up in thumbnail) Wool knit sweater Tweed trousers Buttero boots
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Sick as a dog. Borrelli jacket Awsome coat! WorkingTitle Awsome scarf!
Whyred waxed double breasted coat wool scarf Filippa K longsleeve Number (n)ine denim Springcourts
Macabre coat Donna Karen scarf Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche ongsleeve Julian Red cali denim MiuMiu brogues
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