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I think this same question came up on the blog before and someone identified them Perhaps if you search the blog (link in my sig) for Dior Homme sneaakers and go though the comments you will find your answer. And to those of you dissing the DH, I agree for current collections but the older hightops are really very good and it would be hard to "find a substitute with another brand name" IMHO. /TKL
That would indeed be me I love these ones as well they are a little chunkier and much better constructed than the most recent seasons. If I remember correctly they are fom 04 or 05 sometime.Sorry I can´t be more specific. /TKL
Hi, I usually keep some funds on my PayPal account but stareted to wonder why I do this really...I s there any advantage to transfer money to my PayPal account and from my bankaccount and keep funds there rather than using PayPal for direct credit card payment? Is there a difference in fees? Thanks! /TKL
I´d go for the gun
Bobo, Resteröds cords are excellent but very slim. /TKL
Hope wool jacket Linen scarf Dior Homme denim John Moore cordovan boots
A Barbour would suit you nicely Fuuma! Perhaps tassel loafers as well?
Quote: Originally Posted by jkennett Kallun- What's the quality like on that Scotch and Soda stuff? This is the only item I own so I do not really know enough to generalize. This coat however is very well made out of thich cotton with lot´s of great detail. /TKL
Scotch and Soda trench Filippa K cashmere scarf Viridi-Anne sweater Nicolo Cesschi Berrini longsleeve Rick Owens DRKSHDW denim Dior Homme hightops
I own it and like it a lot. I think I wear in some blog post a while ago. /TKL
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