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Bump. OFFERS and TRADES welcome!
Please see the following Flickr link for stuff for sale. More high-end stuff here: ' OFFERs and TRADES Welcome!
Sent you a PM with an offer yesterday. received? /K
Bump Some sold, some pricedrops. /K
Hmm, Is it your kidney or your first born sons? High bid on CCP is USD4400 right now an I am considering it. /K
Flicr side created with all pics HTML Code:
Some pricedrops as much as USD50. It´s hard to price this much stuff. Don´t be afraid to offer!
Below is a rundown containing at least most of the stuff (some not up yet). Please refer to their blog for pics and prices. Carol Christian Poell shirt, thin striped geyish white with tux placket Size 50 (fits smaller approx 46-slim 48). SS01. Length 74cm StS 44cm, PtP 48cm. Carol Christian Poell shirt, milk coloured, 100% wool. Size 50 (fits smaller approx slim 48). Length 70cm, StS 43cm, PtP 48cm Passarella Death Squad tee, M (fits like small), NWT,...
Thanks! Yes the Moushiyou guys posted there. Loads more to come up so keep checking. /TKL
Hello, I have comissioned the guys at Moushiyou to sell redundant stuff from my wardrobe on their blog. I am getting rid of tons of stuff, some of it alreday posted and some about to be. Please check Sales goes through Moushiyou and they will pass on Q´s to me. However I´ll try to respond in this thread if I feel I can help answer something. Kind regards! /TKL
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