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Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC oldie but goodie from last spring in honor of a >50 degree day Raf Simons However...my night will not end up like it did last year. Great jacket! /TKL
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money Wow, it almost looks like a small Brick and Mortar store, just a little messier I know it´s getting out of line and I need to downsize. (The other half of the clothes are in the cellar
mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/45998669@N08/4337570822/
I sent a PM days ago but no answer...
I have also not received what I payed this szeller for and its been nearly 4 weeks. Please explain in here or answer my PM. /K
Sent a Pm yesterday regarding the item I already payed for. please respond!
Sent you a Pm but no response...
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Thanks to everyone for the well-intentioned advice, but you guys forget that 16-year old suburban hipster girls think Dan Deacon and AA models are male sex symbols. I'm doing pretty damn well in comparison (especially with Dan Deacon). Zissou, awesome stuff. Nice house, too. Kallun, they were saying you look better, and I agree. You don't want to have those weird drizzt proportions going on. Aha, Silly me ...
Varsity abowe is great! Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle Not lifting weights anymore, previously you had always seemed to have a bigger upper body with skinny legs, now you seem more proportional Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 He is right about the shopping thing though. Jacked = ripped. Big veiny muscles. You make me sad, I´ll go back lurking again I have never been a very big guy in...
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle the return of kallun, seems he isn't jacked anymore though Jacked? please explain what that is (so I can know if I still am or not) Thanks for he kind smilies guys
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