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Some requested measurements added to thread and some new items.
Rick Owens DRKSHDW colored denim. W28. W28cm, Length 116cm, Hem 18cm. USD80 SOLD SOLD DH tee. Size M. USD80 RO tank with raw edges from cretch. A few small holes although it has never been used. USD90 SOLD SOLD MiharaYasuhiro mainline tee. Thin RO like material. NWT. PtP43cm, StS 39cm, Legth 67cm. Has stretch. USD80
(DH hightops size 42. Great condition. I can´t find the insoles for some reason. USD220) SOLD SOLD Gucci boots. Greyish black. Size 42. Used a few times. USD200 SOLD SOLD United Bamboo C Converse hightops. NWT. USD100 Carol Christian Poell hightops. Used but great condition. Size US9. USD250 Price drop USD200--USD180
Cloak flight jacket. Size Small. Great condition. Sts 44, PtP 47, Length 67 (cm) USD300 Rick Owens bone white leather. Used and has some discolorations which only augment the look. Tag has fallen off pocket but I am quite surte it is a size small. USD1000 Hurwundeki leather jacket. Size small. Great slim RO like leather. USD 160 KTZ shirt jacket. Size M but fits small. USD100 DH hightops Size 41 but fits at least 42. USD230 Julius cotton silk twisted pants....
YSL Rive Gauche velvet trousers. Slim fit used once. Size 46. USD150 Mike & Chris unconstructed higly detailed trench. Sts45, PtP 49, Length 82. Can accomodate small or medium. used a few times. Size M fits small. USD100 Dior Homme buckled boots. Slimane era. Size EU40 but fits larger at least a EU41. Great condition USD290 Julian red Lady Hobo grey denim. Fits like DH W28. USD75 Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair grey skinny denim. Size W27L32...
Obscur for NVREND Gallery leather jacket. No tags but size small/xs. From initial run with the really great leather. USD500. SOLD SOLD DH jeans NWT W28. Please see tag pic for info. SOLD SOLD DH tees size small Used. USD90 each. (The End tee sold) DH jacket with leather lapels. Eu46 (fits slim). NWT USD600--- USd 550 (or offer) Helmut leather/cotton jacket. Size small. Used once or twice. Sts 42cm, PtP 46cm, Length 64cm at back (slightly longer at back than front)...
Hi, Please note: PMs will be checked at most once daily EMAIL continously so Emailing interests have preference: kalle.lundgren AT ki.se Selling some stuff that don´t fit me (and never has so mostly unused items). Shipping from Stockholm, Sweden. Shipping to be covered by buyer and will cost depending on Your reffered shipping method. Trades and offers accepted! Please EMAIL (not PM) kalle.lundgren AT ki.se. Much more to come. CDG Polyester MAC with deconstructed...
Hi check PMs or email me at kalle.lundgren AT ki.se please I´d like to buy one item. /K
The Jil is real. I own the shorter version. /K
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz that looks really fake man... edit: never seen a dior jean without hte leather tag... edit2: if they are real, then they look like super slenders (the 7% polyurethane gives it a way) The first season by KVA had these silver tags instead of the black leather tag. These look all authentic to me. /TKL
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