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One RO leather gone ans some more. Plenty left to offer on.
One DH jacket and one Julius jacket gone. Throw offers!
DRKSHDW denim pending. Some more DH jeans in this link. Taking offers! /K
Thanks! Please offer or suggest trades on all stuff.
Thanks! I would probably accept an offer on those Offer or suggest trades on all!
Thanks! Some sold. Added a pair of grey DH jeans to the link two posts above. /K
Some measurments as requested: (more coming later): DH summer jacket Sts: 42cm, PtP 45cm, Length 65cm Richard Chai suit: Sts44cm, PtP47cm, Length 72cm, Waist 44 cm, Length (pants meant to be worn with a a fold up on runway but measurments are without fold up) 108cm, hem 18cm Robert Geller jacket: PtP 45cm, StS 42cm, Length 74.5cm CDG boiled wool coat: StS 44cm, PtP 47cm, Length 67cm Dior grey jeans: W 39.5cm, length 115cm, hem 18cm. YSL rive gauche: W39cm, Length...
Selected price drops
Some price drops. Emails answered. Some stuff sold.
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