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I picked up a pair of Black Label Armani pants from him. He has some really nice gear. e
I think I need more pics. sheesh. e
A good tailor or suitmaker can do miracles. Honestly. I followed the advice of a member here and took my eBay-won Oxxford and HF suit to Mario Bosco and they came out flawless. Sleeves brought out on one, and an inch taken in at the back on both. They fit like a glove. Before I had anything done, though, I asked Mario if they would 'work'. Meaning I wanted to pay for something that could realistically be done, not theoretically (as I have ONCE before). Just remember you...
I third the idea of a Seiko, for a fraction of the price. Maybe even the Omega Constellation if you want to spend a bit more. Mine's a kinetic, titanium sport something. It's taken a beating and even has a saphire (I think) face which to-date is flawless. I've banged it up a bit but the face is clear as ever. Yet not flashy enough to entice a thief. e
Brad Pitt is also helping out the whole Penguin thing. Apparently he's been seen wearing the same old brown Penquin Polo time and time again. I think he also wears that stuff in Fight Club. e
Those shoes for some reason conjure images of investment bankers. No offense to any bankers here. I personally find Gucci shoes a little too fashion-forward in the sense that I would be afraid to drop 500$ on a pair of shoes that I couldn't wear for more than, say, 2 years. I tend to shy away from the latest style and keep a minimal number of "current" pieces. On the other hand (and I apolgize for the contradiction) I can't get away from loafers. Sorry LA. lol. and I've...
While on the topic of Jantzen shirts: When you place an order, I would imagine you'd get someone to measure you up right? Or do you take shirts you own and take the measures from them? As the opportunity of having my 'own' shirts get closer, I find myself paying a little more attention to how a shirt fits me. In my mind I tell myself okay I like the length of this sleeve, the fit of this collar and the slim-fit of this shirt. Would it be appropriate to take the...
I mention a few things here and there to several friends (eBay purchases and nice shoes/suits I found on sale), but as aforementioned it's more of an amusement to them. They find my shopping habits rather intriguing and often think I have a problem. =] They like to joke about my Magli's - saying they are made of ostrich leather. It's all in good heart though, as they know who their go-to guy is when in need of sartorial advice/help/suggestions.
For $5 it was perhaps beaver?
Those remind me of something my gramps would wear. Him and highly paid executives, and you are neither. Stick with Tods or anything minus the tassle.
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