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I have always had bad luck with Lacoste colors run, piling etc. In fact i prefer my Land's End polos over Lacoste. Never tried RL
Gents, Sometimes it's easier to follow classic menswear porn on instagram then it is on styleforum. I follow drakes and thearmoury who else should be on my list?
I need to pick up a pair of shoes for work (Chinos, Jeans no suits or ties) I live in India so options are limited.. Can you guys some options you think would go well on Thanks a ton!
Thanks for all the great pics of the Alpinist. The white dial does look stunning hopefully Seiko will release them again. Higuchi doesn't have any Alpinist in stock till end September so will have to wait!
What do you guys think of the Sarb 017 Alpinist?
As someone who has never been to a uniqlo store or owned any of their products can someone please summarize why they are so popular? I have been buying polos from Land's End and have been very happy with the quality and fit. I need to shop for slim fit chinos and I was wondering if I should pick something from Uniqlo or Bonobos? Cheers
Very nice. Do you mind posting links to strap and watch?
After a closer look the Seiko on Ebay has a shaded blue while the Omega has a nice dark solid blue. If someone has suggestions with a similar Seiko and strap I would really appreciate it. I absolutely love the Omega
+1 any thoughts on this? I love the style and am picking up the Seiko 5 Automatic posted on Ebay.
I use Tide.
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