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@luxire which fabric? Tha ks
Received my black friday order a while ago and after a bunch of wears, can I get advise on how to improve the fit? Obviously the back isnt very flattering (diaper + wedgie) The pants fits fine from the thigh down but needs more fix for the rest. Waist fits good. These are the chocolate canvas. Thanks!
I ordered and received the navy cellulare and its a pretty amazing cloth, very comfortable and airy. Just ordered the white together with the Black Friday deal.Wished they had more colours and will definitely order all
Enter the code at checkout in discount code section. Eg. $500 gift card costs $400
Need advise on sizing. I'm a 8d in Alden's trubalance, probably a 8e would fit better. Should I go size. 8 or 9 in the classic mocs 875? Thanks!
Would like to ask for a fabric recommendation that is very airy and lightweight but not so see through and wrinkles easily. Would linen/cotton be a good choice? I have some full linen shirtings which dun wrinkle as bad as some. Would be for a lightweight jacket/overshirt. Thanks
More importantly, it fits
It flew that fast for both my orders. Initially stated to be delivered on Monday but it arrived today . Shipped 3rd - arrived 5th.
Agreed. But it's what I'd expect it to be, deep indigo blue.There's no sheen on both and but the classic oxford is much thicker and substantial. Looks pretty casual to me.All three after a quick wash
Some beautiful shirts arrived today.. Some measurement changes from previous order. Ordered 23 Aug, delivered 5th Sep. Indigo overdyed oxford, Classic blue oxford and Navy shadow stripes oxford.
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