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I never post, but these cash-mink trousers are the greatest pair of pants I've ever had the pleasure to caress in the dark for hours at a time.
Bought a Rick Owens shirt, do you cut off the long tag? I'd think so, but if it's one of his signature cool things I might as well keep it
My dad used to wear those all the time (but for the Raiders) and gave me his... I've looked hard to find shirts like them with or without a team logo and they simply aren't made anymore- sucks
First week of summer vacation: APC NS Boo x Sperry chukka boots Corter belt Corter wristbands
Quote: Originally Posted by Kagemusha no, but you're going to regret that they're not quoddys or yuketens I'd love to, but I just can't get a $200+ boat shoe and I feel like their isn't a middle ground pair.
am I gonna regret it if I get green suede boat shoes? http://www.sperrytopsider.com/store/...ultOption=true
yeah, 2 or 3 times, and they've all been denied. If they have to ask me before I ask them then I'm not interested.
a bottle of vodka, you're gonna get real bored without it
So glad I bought Persol 649's, they are so well made and look great. I was afraid for a while because of the price but they are totally worth it
I'm 100% Russian Jew, but I've been told I can pass for Italian, Greek, Spanish, Mexican (by a mexican guy), and when I have a beard, middle eastern. My father and I look really alike and have had multiple occasions while out of the country and had locals come up to us speaking Italian and Spanish. I never get sunburned, and get very dark from tanning, so at any different time of the year my tan or my hair makes a huge difference about what people think I am. I've...
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