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Just ordered a single breasted, two-button, notch lapel suit in charcoal #9. Pretty conservative throughout, but with tapered trousers, two inch cuffs, slight hacking pockets, high armholes, and slim arms. I'll post pictures after it's pressed and tailored.
Quote: Originally Posted by David K I agree, the belt should match the shoes. My rule of thumb is that brown shoes go with black trousers and sport coats, but not vice versa. I'm sorry, what?
Rovereto's collar (long pointed) is awful. If they could do a normal point or a normal spread collar on a Rovereto with better solid colors, I would buy ten. H&M's premium dress shirts (the ones that are folded) are decent and very slim. I'm going to just get multiple MTM shirts from India when I visit this winter. Same price (around $40), but hopefully better quality, options, and fit.
I'm between a 36 and a 38, so it depends on the measurements. Thanks in advance.
Interested, depending on measurements and pictures.
"The best bespoke quality suit you've ever worn for less than $500." This article is just wrong. 1) They don't make bespoke suits, 2) they don't even know how to make a proper shoulder, and 3) their fabrics are awful.
I'm interested in 38R RLBL and blazers.
I tried out Indochino and promptly returned it. Quality was less than impressive. The shoulders were awful (advertised as natural shoulders, but turned out very boxy). I didn't have it pressed, but the shoulder, in general, fit poorly (very wavy, far from a clean, straight shoulder found at better quality suitmakers).
Quote: Originally Posted by gt33 where does it say free shipping? Free shipping on $150+ orders. 20% off sale items. EXTRA20.
20% off sale going on now. EXTRA20.
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