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The RLPL is a steal, but is the shoulder measurement accurate? 19.75" equates to a 42-44. It probably works best for a 42S. Edit: or is it 18.75"?
HTC "Supersonic" (official name is "EVO 4G") for Sprint was unveiled today and as speculated, it seems to trumps the Nexus One in pretty much every area besides aesthetics (and that's subjective anyway).
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven Where is the suit being made. Raymond is the top mill in India. They turn out high quality fabric. is as nice as real Zegna or the best English mills? no but for a fair priced suit, it will work very well I disagree. Raymond's fabric is often wool-blends and over-priced. The selection is limited and generally low quality. I would not recommend it.
Since when does a 42R have 18" shoulders? I'm not familiar with Brioni's cut, but the shoulder measurement seems off.
Two-button, side vented Milano released, but only in a brown herringbone. Now, if only they can just do a grey flannel or a solid navy.
It looks like Brooks Brothers released a new fit for their 1818 line, the Milano, which appears to be slimmer than the Fitzgerald: Quote: Our slimmest fitting suit is inspired by the tailoring trends of the 1960's. It features a shorter jacket with slimmer lapels and our trimmest plain-front trousers which make this suit unique. I like that these will likely have high armholes and an overall slimmer cut; however, it's too bad that they only one that...
I'm game.
High gorge, high buttoning stance, high armholes, narrow lapels, very slim-fitting jacket with slim flat-front pants. Pretty much a modern fashion suit.
A single gusset briefcase sounds appropriate. Perhaps Custom Hide's counselor?
Try ToJ in the Streetwear forum.
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