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Subscription business model gives you insight into revenue from future quarters. Moreover, it makes revenue "stickier" due to switching costs (people are too lazy to switch, among other reasons).
Picked up two pairs for $370 shipped. Given the reputed quality, that price is amazing.
How much are you looking to spend?
They have the 256.
The waist on the pants are 35"? For a 38" chest?
Wear the blue shirt (bankers pretty much only wear blue shirts). The shoes and the the tie are the most important. For $67, you can get a decent grenadine tie from J. Press (standard interview tie, in my opinion). Is this for New York or the West Coast? That makes a big difference.
Cheapest one-way ticket is $88 for me. Considering it...
Yeah, I guess I'm looking for more a military aesthetic (29-31" length, single breasted, multiple pockets). I like the Schott DU738, but I'm not sure I want to pay so much for something that has quality problems.Love BC. Graduating in May, but would kill to stay for another year.
Looking for a car/university coat that is slim, warm (100% wool), and fairly minimal in details. Like the Filson Yukon (link), but it seems like it's too big for me (5'10", 150, 37" chest, 18" shoulders, 31" waist). I don't really prefer the peacoat look (I like single breasted coats better). Does anyone have any suggestions? Price range is around $150 to $250. Would be open to B/S.
Jesus. Glad I got my navy 38R when I did.
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