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Brand new, got these for christmas. Retail is $100+, will let it go for 60 shipped.
Winter pattern micro fleece still available?
I don't get enough chances to wear this. Perfect for layering. Uniqlo +j down jacket sz M. $110 shipped. 1st picture is for fitment reference. Outer shell is wool. Forgot about this, its still available. * edit, I had to add $10 because I have to ship this in a big box. I also updated with more pictures Details: Please do not PM me back with the same questions. Outer shell is Wool not the nylon/shiny material in the main picture. The main picture was used as a...
how do boO short sleeve shirts and t's fit?
i need some dark denim. acne stay skip jean, reminds me of ervell. y/n?
sure measurements are length from front of collar 25" . shoulder to end of sleeve is 26". let me know if you need more measurements *edit didn't know about the rules. it won't happen again, please keep this thread open
From last f/w. 100% wool. Worn Once. 100 shipped. P2P 21" dont know why the other thread was locked....
From last f/w. 100% wool. Worn Once. 100 shipped.
wrong place pleas delete
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