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Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser felt a bit lazier than usual this morning. martin&osa, brooks brothers, banana republic I dig the pants. Ty.
I think a lot of it comes down to practicality. Growing up here in Canada, pretty much everyone takes their shoes off, but that is largely based on the fact that we have snow on the ground for 5 months of the year. When I lived in Mexico, I rarely took my shoes off in my apartment, since the ground was always dry. In my house now, If I am wearing sneakers or the like, I will take them off, but if I am wearing lace-ups (especially dress shoes, or something with a...
Quote: Originally Posted by HUUUD i need a tripod. Personally, I think the top button should never be done up unless you are wearing a tie, but wear what suits you! Ty.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus Sharaltan, those look similar to the JV shoes I have and in which case I don't really like with that outfit...basically the jacket. The fits seems like it's calling for a semi-rugged pair of boots. Like a wing-tip boot. Yesterday: Cassette chambray shirtjack SA reversed seam BD Unlucky belt dyed to match my Indy boots w/ QR buckle IH 634s Alden Indy boots Looks like someone missed the "red"...
Quote: Originally Posted by apocalypse later Some criticisms: -Sweater is way too short -Chinos are too baggy -Shirt is too bulky and makes the sweater puff out -collar is pretty high on that shirt for the sweater What you can do: -Buy slimmer sweaters and slimmer shirts -Buy Tall sizes from mall brands like Gap, BR as far as sweaters go -Buy slimmer chinos Also, the shoes look like they're off but I'd have to see the entire fit in one...
Its a balmy 5 degrees here today (41F) so I decided maybe a spring look to help get rid of the rest of the snow. I'm not very fashion forward (still learning) so I definitely appreciate any comments you guys can give me, to help me develop 'my style' as opposed to having what I call 'cookie cutter' style. Shirt is Brooks Brothers Sweater is Gap Shoes are Zegna (They may look black, but they are brown) Ty.
Not super hot on how the collar was lying under the sweater, so definitely open to suggestions on that one. All SF-Disapproved brands I'm sure...haha. But hey, 25, and sometimes I have to budget. I'd rather budget on my casual clothes, then my tailored ones. Shirt - Zara Sweater - Tristan Jeans - Gap Ty.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels Is Penn wearing a black denimn shirt? And did he find this tie buried in the bottom of his closet? Not to mention his pant legs look big enough for 2 pairs... (Could just be the shot though) Ty.
Jackman's tux in my opinion was damn near the perfect 'classic' look. Simple, yet very well done. Ty.
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong Agreed. I can't wait to see someone post a fit in this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pij33oHFyT0 My brother is a professional fighter, and they wear something very similar to this when they need to cut weight. Its basically like a big garbage bag, and they wear it in the sauna when they need to lose a few pounds before a weigh in. It's the most disgusting thing you can imagine, and they come out of the...
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