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Is this for real? How about man-ing up and taking some responsibility... 20 years old? Move out, or ante up! Your poor mom has been carrying your ass for 20 years already, and you expect her to continue? I couldn't imagine having such a lack of independence... A piece of advice on job hunting perhaps... I never got a job at a place that was hiring. Apply at places you would sincerely like to work, whether they are hiring or not. If you truely want to work there,...
I also need to replenish my supply, and I will be in for sure! Ty.
Damnit, wish I would have read this post.... Just filed my paypal grievance with clothesxs1 over a shirt that never arrived. Ty.
How long should I put my suit jackets in the dryer for? Is 4 hours on super-high heat long enough, or should I go for a full 8?
Stazy, Your shoe is untied. Ty.
Hmm, thanks for the feedback. I do generally find myself complimenting more girls that guys on their style (not as a pick-up, I think I just notice girls more) but I definitely have no hesitations about picking out a great item on a guy. Ty.
The no shirt-vest would have been weird enough... But the pants bulge to go with it? Ty.
Through the WAYW threads and the like, there is a lot of complimenting going on around here... But do you guys find yourself complimenting random people on the street about their looks, or a specific item? Personally I do it often. I think it is a great way to brighten someones day, and een boost your own confidence. I just received the best compliment I could get... 2 very attractive girls on the street with the comment of "You've got great style!" Made me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 +1. Ya'll are nerds. +1. And I think I'm getting further and further behind. Ty.
Unfortunatly not my size (36r) but I'll help bump. Ty.
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