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Checked out the blog. Definitely him. +1 for your detective skills!
That looks like him! (Although a little older, I haven't been on the forum for a while.) Is it you? Did you post under a different name back around 2008/2009?
Not Dennis Walter, although from his avatar, loooks like it was a good guess. I'm sure the person I'm thinking of probably isn't around anymore... This is going back a few years.
Could be Sterling Gilette, although I searched both usernames and had no results? (I'm Tyler Johnstone, just couldnt remember my password) The person I'm thinking of only posted in WAYWRN I think, and not all that often... But always some of the best pics I've seen on here.
Well I must admit, after 2 weeks of cutting back shampooing (to once or twice a week) and instead just 'washing' with conditioner daily... My hair feels and looks a LOT better, and doesnt feel or look dirty at all. I'll be sticking with this new routine! Ty.
Hey guys, looking for a little bit of advice... I am breaking in a new pair of shoes (Magnanni) and the left one has developed an uncomfortable crease. They don't rub my feet in the way as to cause a blister, but the crease forces down on one of the small bones in the knuckle on my big toe, and is very painful. Is there something I should do to try and move the crease? Or will more wear-time soften it enough to stop it? I have probably 6 full (8-10 hour) days...
Hmm... I have always washed my hair daily, but I might try every 2nd or 3rd day after reading this, and just rinse it daily... We will see how it goes. Ty.
I scored a 57. I also tried some previous addresses (I have moved quite often in the past few years) and I would say it is pretty accurate... Very cool site though. Ty.
This thread made me wonder... Do celebs have stylists create their "autograph" for them? Ty.
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