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I used to be really fat. It sucked. I did still enjoy nice clothing. I will say though that the type of appreciation you can have for clothing after you lose weight is totally different. I dont like open discrimination against fat people, especially because I was there once too. But after losing around 100 pounds, all I can tell you is that the world will discriminate against you anyway and ultimately its a better idea in the long term just to lose the weight....
kinda looks like something id buy from urban on clearance and would last 1 season if that. hey guys, So i just picked up a pair of these Raf Simon's multicolor space boots at a second hand shop here in L.A. for like 40 bucks in perfect condition. They are gorgeous, but looking them up it seems that they retailed for like 800 bucks!!! As much as I like em, I would let them go if I could get even half that for them cause I could really use the money right now. Actually, less than half that. But Are they...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo And you mean they are not? oh man, are you guys seriously gonna tell me that slobby ass baggy stepped on cargo pants are in style now? Whats next? Painters Jeans? This workwear shit is going overboard, lets kill it already.
Quote: Originally Posted by mfais ive always wanted a peacoat but my attire dont really fit the wool look. i feel its too formal. has there ever been a peacoat made of denim or something more casual? Mr. Freedom makes a denim one that is super legit, but its hella pricey!
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Obey is probably the most punchable clothing brand in existance. agreed. Its right up there with affliction or some shit. Terribad.
unless you can get the APC boots for WAYYYY cheaper, i'd go with the Aldens.
Quote: Originally Posted by enaigee Hey guys, so i wanted to get some APC NC but not sure about what size to get. i been reading and not sure how much to size down, 1 or 2. so i usually wear diesel thanaz jeans in a size 31 waist. so should i get a 29 in apc nc? i'm mainly concerned about the thigh and calf tightness, i don't want it to be too tight. i can fit a 30 waist in diesel thanaz but i like it a bit looser thats why i go with the 31. but...
This is a pretty epic contest. I hope it delivers!
gotta say that the joke option kills both though. especially as summer is over.
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