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Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 No. ALL AE shoes are out of style. Clearly you're unfamiliar with the Clifton and its many virtues.
While I think the chisel looks better in the abstract, I'm a believer in round. I think there's a curve on which the chisel looks better and better; however, at some point chisel utility drops precipitously and is out-done by the round toe. I learned this the hard way with a pair of AE Bel Airs in a 13 EEE. Once a foot gets too big--and in particular, too wide--the sleekness of the chisel is greatly diminished. I do admit that something sleeker like a C&J Westbourne might...
I ordered a few shirts on Nov. 7. When they hadn't arrived two weeks ago, I emailed the company. Customer service responded the next day, informing me that production was a bit backlogged from a surge in orders, and that my shipment would arrive within the week. It did. I opted for light blue and white on my first go-round in the 2-ply cotton. The shirts fit pretty damn well and are less expensive than what I was paying for BB shirts after substantial tailoring (giant...
Jesus, how this thread has devolved since page 5 or so... and it had such potential.
Assuming this r serious threak: While it is possible to strengthen the muscles in your feet--such as by squatting barefoot or while wearing something minimalist like a pair of Vibram 5 Fingers--the idea of adding significant mass to your foot via your workouts is far-fetched. I admit to being only an armchair physiologist, but as I understand it, the body is not particularly good at adding significant muscle mass to the feet. You probably just have a big (high?)...
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun 36/38S is even harder to find... Quote: Originally Posted by tell me about it. Cry me river. Try finding a 54L/56L with decent waist suppression.
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer Because it's funny? You know he's a comic and not a model right? He's also 6'4" and really skinny. For his bone structure, anyway. If his self-reported statistics are to be believed, he walked onto the football team at University of Washington as a 6'4" 250 lbs. tight end, running a 4.6 40 no less. That would have made him, what, roughly double the bodyweight of the average SF member?
Quote: Originally Posted by uvmboi13 What is considered overweight here at SF? Anything over 160.
It depends on the severity of the mistake. Small mistakes I can live with, like a pair of shoes that just a bit too long for my feet. They're a small annoyance, but I can live with it if I like the overall aesthetic. Large mistakes--an awful tie purchased on clearance that one instantly has second thoughts about--that I can't stand aesthetically? Deep in the closet.
I own very many of these shirts. I wear them underneath my dress shirts to guard my clothing against odor and perspiration while preserving a clean neckline under open-collar dress shirts. They are a worthy investment. You don't mean to wear them as outer garments, certainly.
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