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I believe the sale does occur annually. It occurred last year at a similar time. As I recall, a SF patriot also delivered a code for a stackable 30% off coupon. Here's the current page on the PSA Thread with the 15% code for this year, courtesy of Wes Bourne.
ITT: Grown men attempt to justify their manorexia by claiming to be "athletic" and (inexplicably) conflating "slim" with "built." Descriptions of physiques on SF have grown so obfuscated as to become meaningless...
Walden is corrected grain. Everett is discontinued, but is not corrected grain; however, it doesn't take much of a shine. The description "purse leather," which I read somewhere on SF, is not wholly inaccurate. It's extremely soft. At any rate, the chili color is good and fairly rich, but it doesn't seem to get much richer (though I admit that I've only had the shoe a few months). I don't know much about arch support--because my arches aren't that high--but based on...
Jean Paul Gaultier
3 GF Classic Polos
This is the gheyest threak I've ever read on Styleforvm. Arguing over how emaciated one must be (32 v. 34 3v. 36 waist?!) to avoid the horrors of being "fat" and therefore not fit? Speaking of which, WTF kind of metric are the pro-skinnies using for "fit"? Or does "not fat" automatically = "fit"?
If you're a resident of CA, where sales tax is often as high as 9.75%--welcome to Los Angeles, City of the Angels, paradise on earth...--the Shoemart essentially has Aldens at 8.9% off every day. The incentives to buy out of state just keep getting stronger thanks to those morons in Sacramento...
My methodologically-sound research has preliminarily found a statistically significant link between pesticides and fucking delicious produce.
As I understand it, in the powerlifting world standard operating procedure is: Lift heavy + get plenty of sleep + get plenty of nut + eat plenty of monosaturated fat = higher T I can't promise that any scince backs it up, but I have anecdotal evidence by the truckload.
I use him for a fair amount of work. He's not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. Or as I once heard it, "San Marino quality at San Marino prices."
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