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Quote: Originally Posted by clausc Don'ts: Eating garlic and onions This is the bridge too far.
#2 by a ludicrous margin
Quote: Originally Posted by countrygent I don't really buy the idea that some people espouse, that higher-rise pants work better for short folks. I find high-rise pants create a large unbroken swath of fabric right across the area that I don't want to draw attention to, which makes me look both short(er) and wide(r). By wearing a jacket, this problem more or less disappears. You get the long leg look of a high rise trouser without the giant...
No code required. Just order from the website by midnight (EST) tomorrow (Saturday Nov. 27). If buying in-store, the 15% kicker is only available before noon today and before noon tomorrow. It may also be possible to stack an additional 5% kicker by using the BB Mastercard (perhaps in-store only?), but I have not tested it. While the Cordovan offerings are sparse--limited to this Dainite Sole Captoe Boot--there are several SF-approved models to be had at a substantial...
I too met with Patrick yesterday. Ordered a Minnis 10oz. navy blue worsted for a 3/2 SB suit with 4" lapels but no other eccentricities. I also learned that leaving Beverly Hills at 4:30PM on Friday afternoon is traffic suicide.
I cannot help but think that NYRanger has escaped from a Wes Anderson flick.
Quote: Originally Posted by vncrz Yes, I meant balmoral! I stopped by the AE store today and the salesman said I should go with the 9D, and that the quarters should form a V over the tongue and not lie parallel covering it... Run. Run as fast as you can.
Quote: Originally Posted by Unrefinery A mid-20s associate wearing a double-breasted coat is a prime example of what attorneys call douche ipsa loquitur ("the douche speaks for itself"). You want to work for the firm, man, not dress up like you're trying to stage a hostile takeover of it. 1. Wear DB Overcoat 2. ??? 3. Stage Hostile Takeover Do I have it right?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Did he ask if they were seconds? Alas--I forgot. How à propos it would have been. Regardless, hilarity did ensue. Is there a SF secret handshake that we could have used to ID one another? I can't count on every SF sleeper agent to be wearing AE Strands.
Side Vents. Always. My ass does not permit me to wear a single vent--not well, anyway.
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