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Quote: Originally Posted by junkyard_sal I am an easy going guy. I will let the photo speak for itself in response to your accusation. WINRAR!!
JAB Sig Gold > Lauren At least Sig Gold is half-canvassed. In addition, while JAB always has a sale on, the sales never get better than 70% off. $300 is the best you're going to do. If this is your first suit, it's a good play.
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon you need extra fat ties... not long ties It's OK to be jealous. Most men are.
Quote: Originally Posted by bananananana You shouldn't need an extra long tie if you're 6'1" unless you're all torso and no legs. Or if you have a large chest and/or waist. Remember, ties do not hang straight down, and arc length = R x Θ. Bigger men have bigger Rs. I am 6'1" but have a 52" chest and a 42" waist, and I generally need to wear extra-long ties, lest the tail be comically short.
Quote: Originally Posted by PoundSand You want to take yourself a quarter mile further west to the BB store on Rodeo and Santa Monica. +1
Nordstroms--which has men's sales all of twice per year--was garbage too. I went in for the sole purpose of seeing what AEs they had on sale, hoping that the four models featured on the Nordstrom site wouldn't be all. To my horror, I found only a row of identical black Charlestons staring blankly at me:
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay687 And there is always weight lifting which, if you build up your shoulders sufficiently, can help lessen the slope. Yes and no. It will build your shoulders (deltoids), but also your trapezius muscles, resulting in... sloped shoulders! This applies to athletes and non-athletes alike. See: or
Quote: Originally Posted by academe I just wanted to post in this thread because everyone else has...There. I said it. +1
Fuck yes. I got a sick bloat on yesterday. Carbed out extremely hard. So much fun.
As long as people are dropping anecdotal evidence, I'll chime in for the "Don't be afraid of taking Propecia" camp: Propecia failed to lower my sex drive at all. I was horrified that it might, and by all rights should have placebo'd myself right into ED. I even put off beginning my prescription until the day after an important date because I was so afraid I would be unable to perform. To my relief, I experienced no side effects whatsoever after beginning...
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