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Quote: Originally Posted by Amelorn The women's section is filed with wannabe social climbing, lower-middle class label whores who'd blow you for a $100 Burberry scarf. Good to know.
Unreal thread. Unreal.
IIRC, this loafer is part of the new Allen Edmonds for BB line. Resembles several other AE loafers, and price is in line with them as well. Of course, SF groupthink mandates that AE is never worth full retail, and that any SF-approved AE purchases must be of AE seconds. But can one readily purchase seconds from the AE for BB line? Do these seconds even exist? And if these seconds do not exist, then what happens to the dialectic of overpriced AE firsts + underpriced AE...
jrd617 is a great seller. The item was just as described and shipped promptly with a tracking number. Thanks!
Thanks for the great tie and prompt shipping!
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Call in the marines! Cleanse and Purify!
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackShoes In question 7, the brackets don't even add up, there is a gap between 200 and 500.. Yeah, that bugged the hell out of me.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain disagree. these compete with the Alden natty chromexcels, these buyers (trustafarian neo-workwear revivalists) just found out what a blucher/balmoral is 2 months ago on styleforum, and they don't care. these should sell well, especially of other leathers are added (waxy calf type?). +1. "Trustafarian neo-workwear revivalists..."
Quote: Originally Posted by aravenel What model AE is that? Don't recognize it... Looks like your cobbler did a good job. It looks like the Clifton, though I don't recognize the color. AE no longer sells them on their website, but I believe Nordstrom still sells them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo Huge pictures Never seen anything like that. Odd.
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