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So... tonight I am going to a wine bar to drink with two strange men that I met on the internet. Who wants in?
I should probably spend my Friday outlining for my Evidence exam, but why don't you shoot me a PM with the vital information just in case (or just post it here). Thanks. Cheers.
They have everything: suits, sport jackets, wool trousers, sport shirts, dress shirts, belts, ties, socks. They even have some straw hats, irish caps, and few fedoras. But the two SF-approved highlights were the HF & Alden at 50% off, so that's what I reported. They said the sale would last through Christmas, so you have time.
I recently received a flyer in the mail about Carroll & Co. closing their Pasadena store. Unfortunate but predictable. Everything in the store is 40%+ off. Most is 50%-60% off. I was there this afternoon, but did not find much that would suit my purposes (with the exception of several Robert Talbott Carmel pocket squares for approx. $24 each). Aside from that, here are the two big highlights. Hickey Freeman mainline suits marked down to $800. No tailoring offered,...
Let me Google that for you...I kid, I kid.
Wow. Just read the thread from start to finish. Awesome.
No. At 5'11", I bet he's sitting around 300. Take it from someone who knows. If he were 400, he'd be unelectable.EDIT: After further reflection, I'm upping my estimate to 315ish. But that's still quite a ways from 400.
I believe it happened some time about... 6 months ago? Within the last year? At any rate, fairly recent. They certainly weren't always this way. I have two pairs of Madison trousers from 2009, and they are quite roomy.
Big Timer v. Small Timer dichotomy?
I might be game for the 30th. The whole weekend is quite crowded though--very touch and go. Of course, I wouldn't complain if the date were changed to Friday the 5th.
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