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The BackstoryI joined SF in 2009 because I was looking for clothes to fit my oversized and oddly-shaped frame. Prior forays into RTW ended suboptimally, as did one attempt at MTM. Much to my delight, I discovered the tremendous bargain that is Richard Lim (eg:). Mr. Lim made my first bespoke suit, more or less to my specifications (which I'd developed after countless hours on SF). I am long-torso'd and relatively high-waisted, and I asked Mr. Lim for the suit trousers...
+1. If your suit is bespoke, this shouldn't be an issue at all.OP, your tailor should have offered you the option of enlarging the sleeve. The fact that he instead offered to extend the shoulder pad leads me to wonder whether you are in fact dealing with a bespoke tailor. Surely he can enlarge the sleeves; failing that, he could remake them. Perhaps the tailor is in fact MTM?
It begins tonight at midnight, it would seem.
It would be helpful if we knew your location...
Generally, asking for a sleek longwing sounds like asking for a sleek bulldozer. But I'll play: EG for RLPL.
6'1" 280 lbs. Welcome to the Big Life.
Something like that.
Manton, Have you gotten into the foam roller game at all? They work wonders. I have pulled an erector in my back twice during the last 5 years, and I came back from it much faster the second time when I learned about foam rollers. You just roll on the damn thing like a log. Crazy, right? It sounds like pseudoscience, but I can say that ample anecdotal evidence backs their use. My powerlifting crew has several, and we've all used them from time to time with great...
I will personally take the blame for not forcing some photographs. I was talking mad smack about a shoe circle, but I was ultimately too afraid to directly proposition Acecow and Romeo. Next time I'll be more aggressive. Seriously though, fun times. A very quick 3 hours and 45 minutes with 2 complete strangers. If we could double our number from 3 to 6, I think we could really have a fun night out--I will personally volunteer to be the designated driver, Romeo can...
New Posts  All Forums: