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Quote: Originally Posted by dusty Early retirement is another ridiculous thing. Who wants to live out half of a lifetime with nothing to do all day? You're saying you have nothing better to occupy your time than work. Personally, I could pick any number of interesting and fulfilling activities to occupy my time. Most likely I would pursue some form of venture, whether it be charity, creative, or otherwise.
Quote: Originally Posted by MCsommerreid Explains the amount of acid reflux, insomnia, heart disease, stroke, and general ill will in 'Merica, this does. Do longer hours and not having the time to spend all your money make you cool? No, that's the despicable diet of most Americans. Long hours are a means to an end. Why not retire wealthy at 40?
It's going to suck if you fail.
If you get a burrito bol with chicken at Chipotle, order brown rice and beans, and leave off the cheese and sour cream, it's actually a decent meal. Except for the sodium content. Even adding some guac is fine, as long as you are not counting calories. Also, what's wrong with eating a 1,000 calorie lunch. Most people with a decent amount of muscle mass need around 3,000 calories even when cutting.
Dude, he looks fine. This is for a first job, not a senior position at an investment bank...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Good for you. (I mean that seriously, for once I'm not being snide.) I have to say, anyone who works 60-80 hour weeks all the time and has more than, say, 100 posts or so on Styleforum either: 1) isn't actually working 60+ hours a week, or 2) really needs to rethink what he does with his down time! If I was consistently working 60+ hour weeks, I would definitely not be spending my free time on internet message...
The $20 trick. As in, $20, delivered with the correct request with the correct tone to the correct person can be worth a hell of a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 You don't suppose there's a middle ground? Making comfortable money, with comfortable hours? Seems like most of these positions become available after you put in your 5-10 years... Also, I'm pretty sure the definitions of comfortable money probably vary pretty widely on this forum. For some it might be $50k, for others it is probably $500k.
I think the better question is, how do you work less than 50 hours per week and support the lifestyle you would like to support?
Quote: Originally Posted by jpeirpont Yeah but its nicer areas are far nicer than Detroit's and it crime rate lower. t also has more business a better downtown and a nice waterfront. No doubt!
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