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I think the better question is, how do you work less than 50 hours per week and support the lifestyle you would like to support?
Try diet and exercise...
I bought these in brown at a Nordstrom's Rack for $100. The rubber sole will let me wear them in the rain without worrying. I think they look pretty good.
Quote: Originally Posted by why But not all of it does, and that's why bench press is still used. Weighted dips tend to be too stressful on the joints and provide no benefit over bench press yet have a lot of drawbacks. There's a lot of personal bias in this forum. Weighted dips are dangerous and unrealistic for most advanced lifters. Once you start having to strap 3 or 4 plates to your waist, there's just way too much stress on your...
Quote: Originally Posted by beasty Dont knock it until you tried it. When it gets heavy and you push for all its worth, you can really feel your chest work I tell you. Somemore doing flat bench on smiths aint as good as on a universal bar even if I use more weights on a smith. Darwin
Quote: Originally Posted by why Wider grips tend to stress the shoulders more, not the pectorals. Either way, gripping differently to focus on one particular muscle group is kinda dumb unless you understand which muscles work at which points during the lift and your goal is to increase your bench press. Wider grips open the acromion process as well. The same problem with dumbbells is the same problem as benching across the shoulders -- the glenohumeral...
Dumbells become a bit unwieldy above 100 lbs. Just getting them into place is a pain. I can go much heavier and feel like my shoulder joints are safer when using the barbell. However, I would be inclined to argue that barbell incline press may be a superior exercise.
I just picked these up:
This thread makes me that much happier about working in finance.
I went to the opening of LAX 8 or 9 months ago. I liked it better than Pure, which we went to the night before. TAO is pretty cool as well. Definitely Drais for the after-party around 3 or 4.
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