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Depends on the purchase. Consultants optimize the points. If only debit cards had rewards, I would use those.
St. Anger by Metallica
Quote: Originally Posted by why Where do people get this stuff? That's an oversimplification but not that far from the truth. Carbs cause an increase in blood insulin levels which increase the update of available fats.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I like this quote: It is good to believe that anyone that does not agree with you lives in fear. It gives you the proper perspective I would also like to attend the "parties" where sub-contractors hang out. I mean, one night I was kicking it with some bottle service, and it turns out the waitress was a sub-contractor. BOOM! Negotiation to have 2 billion units made in China and assembled in...
Anyone have any experience with the raw denim? Looks kinda nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba dont take it out on me that someone has you working those hours dude. I have my own standards, and 80-100 hours a week isnt a reasonable work week, this post wreaks of "my dad can beat up your dad" bragging. So fine, hey man, you're tougher then me, god bless ya. Most likey we have very different opinions of getting ahead in life. My idea, what i work for, is building my own businesses. What your...
I grunt, sweat like a pig, and drop weights (only on dead lifts though -- lowering max weights slowly is dangerous for your back). I actually like when other people do these things, because it makes the gym seem more like a war zone than a country club. Good motivation. DO NOT CURL IN THE SQUAT RACK OR I WILL EAT YOUR CHILDREN.
Quote: Originally Posted by bant This is a very common situation - first off, does the current job offer have a defined expiration date? If so, I would alert the 2nd firm that is still reviewing your candidacy that you are still very interested in the position but have received a competing offer from another firm (no need to say the name) that explodes on August X and are giving this info as a courtesy and that you would like to work for their firm, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Why the fuck would you want to work 100 hours a week as an I-banker of all things. What a horrible job. The industry is full of douchebags. I think the idea is that after a couple years you trade your banking job for one in large cap private equity, so that you can make $400-500k per year as a 24 year old.
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 Do you find the time just goes by, you're not just watching the clock all day? I'm hoping that by getting engrossed in the work, time will go by faster! If you are busy and under a lot of pressure, you don't even notice the time passing. You can blink your eyes and 12 hours is gone.
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