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definitely interested in a size medium oxford coat.
Never worn, new in box. Purchased for $150 but don't fit. Will accept any offer that covers what I paid plus shipping, box, paypal fees, etc. Poor college student so a little cash for my trouble would be nice too. I can still return these, but they were a great deal so I thought I would give the forum members first crack at them.
Decided to keep the Lidfort. Mantellassi's are going back unless someone wants them. First fair offer gets them.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade EDIT: Does the welting on the Lidforts look more like Norwegian than Goodyear, or do I not know what the f--- I'm talking about? No, I think it is me that has no clue what the f--- he is talking about. They could very well be Norwegian welted.
Given that I only have about 6 pairs of shoes (10 if you include trainers and sandals), I don't think I can justify keeping both. I'm really leaning toward the Lidfort. Even if the apron is "way too odd," I'm young and I figure I can get away with it. Hell, most of my friends are wearing Kenneth Cole or Ecco, and that's on a good day! The Mantellassi's are an 11 moldh, so if I don't keep them, I might just send them your way! Probably will be another day or...
First, apologies for my poor shoe photography. It's tough to shoot proper shoe porn when there's a plastic tie connecting the shoes. For a while I've been looking for some casual suede ankle boots for the fall that I could wear with jeans and maybe the occasional chino. I stopped by FB today and managed to find some pretty good deals. First, a pair of Lidfort for Barneys leather-soled boots in a light brown color. They appear to be goodyear welted, although I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by j Hehehehehehe... i was giving him the benefit of the doubt...hopefully i'm not wrong
Quote: Originally Posted by BubblyMasquerade me likey......how big are you? 6' 1", 188 lbs. My waist is a natural 32", quads are 24" at the wide point. Thispair is a 32" waist. The one-wash run a little tighter than the other AG washes in which I typically wear a 31".
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini How much were these and can we see a pic of how they fit? I bought these for $145 at an AG boutique. They didn't charge tax and threw in a denim-covered journal, which I thought was a nice touch. Here are a few quick snaps of what they look like on me. Keep in mind that my legs and butt are pretty muscular from years of athletics and weightlifting, so that definitely affects the way they fit. The...
Here are the AG one-wash I picked up yesterday. They aren't quite as stiff as the dry stuff, but word on the street is that they wear quicker because of it. In real life, the stitching on the back pockets is almost a perfect match with the denim. They are pretty stealthy right now, but I think the stitching will look pretty cool once it is revealed by fading of the back pockets.
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