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Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade PRL Bentons, AKA C&J Belgraves. Nailed it.
Dressed by StyleForumâ„¢.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey In retrospect, I realize this was all some sort of weird joke and you just posted someone's Baskin Robbins uniform. And to think, I fell for it. Yea I was taking this seriously until I saw that shirt and tie combo.
I picked this up the other day. Hopefully it will fit. The pic looks kinda weird because they button it all they way up, but I'll probably wear it with the collar up and maybe 1-button closed.
Quote: Originally Posted by closetmess I still think, in any event, pre-b school to leave it out. I'm not sure I agree, but for firms that do not have an established B-school sponsorship program, leave it out. It definitely sends the wrong message.
I noticed some people in the 2008 Tuck resume book also have their GMATs on there, if 750+.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Most, if not everyone I know, in finance (banking, PE, HF) does that since a lot of employers ask you to list it anyway. Although I've never really seen anyone list their GMAT when applying to a job if they hadn't already gone to business school and I'm not really sure a 700 is that high... I put both SAT and GMAT on my resume when applying to PE/HF jobs (before going to business school). This is in finance...
Would it be wrong for me to purchase this for my first watch (other than a $25 Timex I wear on occasion)? Too slippery a slope? Thoughts?
For a brief period of about 1 month, I hit 200, but that was eating 8 meals per day and lifting every day. Sadly, I'm back down around 185.
Quote: Originally Posted by why They're all related. Picking volume and intensity and expecting to make progress by working out for 6 hours once every two weeks obviously won't work. Picking intensity and frequency makes no sense at all since there's no volume component. Picking frequency and volume makes no sense since there's no given intensity. The three are scaled relative to each other based on the program -- one isn't outright...
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