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Don't move to NY. You sound young. Working at a think tank, you will not be able to afford a decent lifestyle. You can live very well in $50k in many areas; unfortunately, NY is not one of them. After taxes, $50k barely pays for a decent apartment.
I've heard cubicles referred to as the "bullpen" or a "bay" but never an office. With that said, I much prefer low-walled cubicles, though it would be nice if I had an office for the remainder of my career.
I thought this was a satire of the current state of the US mortgage industry. Would be a lot better if it were...
Tough times on Wall Street. Never worn, but a tiny bit of scuffing on the soles from trying them on over carpet. Asking $350 shipped. Great chocolate brown color; same style as shown in the pics above. Can take pics if necessary.
Learn something about numbers. Sponsors find M&A lawyers who can't do math really annoying.
Quote: Originally Posted by kdaust Benefits... you're working out more than most of the population ever will. Detractors(?)... prob a waste of time. As above, just lift heavy then do some high intensity cardio at the one session. Try to keep it under an hour if you can, as extended periods of weight training (crazy as it may seem) can be detrimental to muscle growth. It's true. Cortisol levels get too high.
"Cuz where's the Dow at? 11,000...still bigger than your bonus." "I got a house in the Hamptons and a penthouse loft. But you got that why your skills are so soft?" Genius.
Who cares about hipsters. Just let them do their own thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Hipster Hipster
Well, this one beats the Flintstones one, at least in terms of visual interest.
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