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Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 Yes, and in fact our idiotic government is doing everything it can to artificially inflate property values instead of allowing the correction to occur. Insane. Patently false. The government has done nothing to inflate property values--foreclosure moratoriums and the like only delay the inevitable and ensure distressed sales will be of very high loss severity. Programs that keep stressed borrowers in...
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz +1000 TARP I was a joke. 300 Billion was flushed down the toilet. Toxic assets were not bought nor banks were asked to write them off their books. Result: Banks sat on government's money until it all turned into losses and now they have the same toxic assets minus the government capitalization funds. Down the toilet it goes. TARP II will be similar thing in sheer idiocy, I am afraid. When you let thieves save...
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah You're around 24 or so right? Tell us about those days which you yearn for. I might not have lived through that era, but it does not mean I can't have a perspective. Many of today's portfolio companies should never have been bought. Look at Apollo: Linens 'n Things (bankrupt), Harrah's (on its way), Claire's (busting debt covenants in Q1 2009), Realogy (who knows--can't be good), and Hunstman (lucky it...
Private equity may change, but it will continue. Hopefully, it will go back to the days of flying under the radar.
I have some one-wash proteges that have broken in great after 2 years of wear. I am not manorexic like most of you, so they actually fit pretty slim on my thighs.
I am young and reckless. Why worry? Then again, my shorts have gone from modestly profitable to fantastically profitable. Now I just have to pick the right point to switch teams.
Census has median income, or you can divide total income by households to get average household income.
I think it gives the president a greater to opportunity to more good than ever before. I think either candidate should welcome the challenge.
Don't move to NY. You sound young. Working at a think tank, you will not be able to afford a decent lifestyle. You can live very well in $50k in many areas; unfortunately, NY is not one of them. After taxes, $50k barely pays for a decent apartment.
I've heard cubicles referred to as the "bullpen" or a "bay" but never an office. With that said, I much prefer low-walled cubicles, though it would be nice if I had an office for the remainder of my career.
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