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Good recs for a nice slubby, distressed t-shirt? This one's a little over the top: http://www.alternativeapparel.com/Sh...er=Y&Color=VI#
Quote: Originally Posted by swaggerisaliability The average pre-MBA salary going into even the top 5 are nowhere near $100k. They're in the neighborhood of $60-65k. There are a lot of non-profit type folks in the top schools that pull down the average. The finance and consulting types, which make up approximately 40% of the class, are making at least $150-200k prior to MBA. The average MBA exit salary is also misleading. Bonuses in investment...
It's pretty hard to get into PE post-MBA if you don't have pre-MBA experience. No one wants to teach you how to model or read a term sheet.
I have a 'sexy' job. It ain't that sexy.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles It's a fallback for me. And basically anyone who goes to a Top 5 B-School. HBS students were taking unpaid internships this year. Your comments are laughable.
These should be examined as median incomes, not average incomes. With averages, the huge earners are skewing the top quartile and top 1% numbers. Look again.
Quote: Originally Posted by poodlerock Is it the one with brass buttons, hidden under a placket in front? Yep
I picked up a cashmere Black Fleece navy overcoat for $500 (originally $3,500). It is insanely awesome.
Guys, it is very easy to live comfortably in NY on less than $100k. $100k gross is take home of $5k per month. Spend $2k on rent, $2k on food and living expenses, and you still have $1k per month in savings.
Quote: TARP I was a joke. 300 Billion was flushed down the toilet. Toxic assets were not bought nor banks were asked to write them off their books. Result: Banks sat on government's money until it all turned into losses and now they have the same toxic assets minus the government capitalization funds. Buying toxic assets would have done nothing to address the problem. $700B in equity can support perhaps $7T of assets at 10x leverage. Buying $700B in...
New Posts  All Forums: