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As seen on Comedy Central,
Selma was about the quality of a Lifetime TV movie. It was OK, but certainly not special, outstanding or excellent. Even the production values were nothing special. Other than the obvious, I can't imagine how it merited a best picture AA nomination. Anybody else see it? Also saw Bright Eyes and it was OK for what it was, It didn't attempt too much, and production values were very good. If you have interest in the Keane story or the era then it might be worth a look. The...
Sadly LOL, We don't get this type of stuff in Houston, #blackbrunch https://twitter.com/search?v=stream&q=%23blackbrunch&mode=photos Has anyone encountered it in NYC? New York restaurants such as Lallisse, Maialino and Pershing Square were reportedly targeted for loud meal-time disruptions. Big Apple organizers likened their brunch attacks to 1960s sit-ins. http://nypost.com/2015/01/05/police-protesters-invade-restaurants-for-black-brunch/
Green Bay fans should look for the sunshine in this historic loss. If they bet on Green Bay +6&1/2 or +7 they cover!
What you say, Boy?
Colts linebacker McNary charged with rape http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2015-01-14/josh-mcnary-rape-charge-indianapolis-colts-linebacker-army-bar-apartment This is not good, a few days before the Colts look to upset NE.
Gotta love those Knick fans,
JJ should have been given a chance fot a PAT kick too. But coaches don't go for fun stuff like that.
Perhaps he mistook the tire for a valet.
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