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Only one Gomes star and it's not Marcelo.
Post a picture and we'll tell you 100%
I hear that East St Louis is nice this time of year.
James is great but he has the soft shooting touch of the Hulk.
Nice, similar to Panta Pizza?
Could you jump over 6 buildings now?
I'm surprised that the story values the Saints and Pelicans together at less than 1.7 Billion. Maybe there's debt involved or Benson does not own large parts of either team.
I have not been able to cut and paste ( for the last couple of hours ). Anyone else experiencing this?
DellaDooooooooooova Key to the game. Amazingly, they're playing better with him than with Irving.
Mayweather could beat Marbury. Or Madison too.Maybe time for Mayweather versus Plessey versus Ferguson.
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