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So if Scott got out of his car and pointed his gun at the cops, it was a good shoot.But, if Scott got out of his car, and repeatedly failed to follow commands to drop the gun, while having it at his side, then it was a bad shoot if they shot him without his raising of the gun.Is this what you're saying? I sense that whatever the video shows, the cop is going to say that he perceived a threat to his life.You're a lawyer. Doesn't the law now say something like "the officer...
It doesn't even take a gun ( or any weapon for that matter ), Ask Akai Gurley, oh wait......
Protesters or criminals?Seems to be the case above.
No, it was this book, [[SPOILER]]
No, he's serious,His Buddy Giuliani says that he saved thousands of black lives with broken windows and stop and frisk.I think Trump believes Giuliani more than BLM.
Don King urges African-Americans to support ‘the human man’ Donald Trump https://www.yahoo.com/news/don-king-urges-african-americans-to-support-the-human-man-donald-trump-160828278.html King will make a good Ambassador somewhere.
Is Angel Dust different than PCP?
Caller said.: "There was a guy running from it. He, like somebody was going to blow up. I think he's smoking something." Why did the caller think Crutcher had been smoking something? And what does "He,like somebody going to blow up" mean?
Maybe there shouldn't be woman cops on patrol.And I'm just 1/2 kidding.
Here is Off. Betty Shelby, the mad dog killer, http://heavy.com/news/2016/09/betty-jo-shelby-tulsa-oklahoma-police-officer-cop-terence-crutcher-photos-pictures-shooting-video-charlton-sanders-holycross/ Her husband was one of the Officers in the helicopter too. This might be a vast conspiracy.
New Posts  All Forums: