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Tattoos are obviously not a black or white thing either. Here is a rare shirtless pic of candidate Cruz, Note that Cruz is too feisty and unliked to be a gang member, so he chose a non-gang large classy neck tattoo.
You are correct.As to the large gang neck tattoo thing. Maybe there is no causation, but kids that have them seem to be shot and incarcerated much more than kids that don't have them. That's just an observation.When I was a kid, in the 1950s, we ( both black and white children ), thought there would never be a Black President elected in our lifetimes. We were proven wrong.Now, when I'm old, I think there will never be a President elected with a large gang tattoo on his...
That's not what he said.How about, it's much more likely that people with giant neck gang tattoos, who point guns at cops while fleeing, are much more likely to get shot and killed than those people that do not.And you know what. I think people like that are not decent people and they should get killed more than decent people. Note, that I haven't said that Pierre should have been killed but that it was rightfully much more likely that he would be killed.
And Negro journalists are the absolute worst!A joke, a joke!
The community makes this false claim all the time. I think it's more likely than not that initially the community and/or the family of the dead criminal will claim that he "couldn't have had" or "didn't have", a gun. Then it is clearly proved that he did. The case of Vonderitt Myers comes to mind.You are generally wise and serious Gib. There's a Blackstone's Rule in Law that says it's better that 10 guilty escape than 1 innocent man suffer. In a sense this is playing out...
Of course it's possible that the police could plant a gun. But do you think that happens often? Or is it probably much, much more likely that Pierre did have a gun?The only certainty is seems is that the families will claim the Pierre was a Dindu Nuffins, who was turning his life around.Oh yeah, and the inevitable Civil Suit to seek Justice and Change. And a little money.
Here's the official BLM photo,
How shocking that would be ! NOT
Bill Clinton stands up to BLM protesters. What's the chances that Hillary or Bernie would? It seems like HRC's campaign is pretty much keeping Bill under wraps, and that's a shame.
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