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Trump will call him dirty. Krooked KainePotential VP pick Tim Kaine took $160,000 worth of gifts in office: Reporthttp://www.cnbc.com/2016/06/30/potential-vp-pick-tim-kaine-took-160000-worth-of-gifts-in-office-report.html
I didn't realize North Miami is a poor town. It will be hard for the therapist's lawyer to get one of those juicy $6,000,000+ settlements. I guess he could go to a jury trial, where the verdict might be $100,000,000, but it would be greatly reduced on appeal and the attorney has indicated he wants to settle quickly.What do you think? The over/under is $2,000,000, and now I'm definitely betting under, before the over/under is moved to $1,250,000.
Kaine looks like he could play a great Santa at a WH Xmas party,
The plot thickens, The Latest: North Miami police commander suspended, http://www.breitbart.com/news/the-latest-north-miami-police-commander-suspended/ "A North Miami police commander has been suspended for allegedly fabricating information about the shooting of an unarmed black therapist. City Manager Larry Spring Jr. said Friday that commander Emile Hollant is suspended without pay. Spring declined to give specifics about how Hollant allegedly fabricated information...
Why of course, do you disagree with Minister Quanell about complying now and complaining later?Would you be upset with Quanell, if he said that idea could have saved many black lives?I know Quanell a little and next time I see him, I will ask him about this. I met him long ago, when I was selling new houses and he came in as a customer. In a non - political, one on one setting he was nice guy that was easy to deal with, though he ultimately did not buy...
How about LBGTQIA, an acronym with some gravitasor maybe BILGTAQor GALTBIQ
Easier said than done. Here, local Houston radical activist Quanell X makes some sense after trying some police training,Here is more of Quanell actually trying the real training,
What's with the Q in LGBTQ ? Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Questionable?
Really, so you think that feelings of systemic racism might have made the Spanish cop perceive the Black man who was on his back, with his hands up ( and explaining the situation ), as more of a threat than the white man who was supposedly armed ( and wrongly, since his "weapon" was a toy truck ).That's astounding, it really is.And here is a story with a better video of the...
He is certainly Il Duce of his movement.
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