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Wouldn't that be conne?
Are these from Afghanistan or the Golden Triangle?
I feel like I wasted 2 hours watching it. Mutos have played in the NFL for many years. A movie of this quality could have been made by college kids with great tech skills. NB:I did like the original 1950's Godzilla which I saw at a movie on Delancey St in NYC, whan I was 7 years old. At least it had "dynamic violence". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h1YmMbQxow
Looks like the real Roy Hibbert has shown up. Doesn't mean IND will win but it's a good sign for them. Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk
Pop will have Adams foul out every game. just a matter of how early.
The new NBA normal, miss a foul and make up for it with the out of bounds call.
Right call was not made at the end! It was a giveback call for missing the foul call. IMO that is absolutely wrong. The idea that the refs know they blew a foul call but can make it up by calling an out of bounds play wrong is a horrible policy. The NBA will never admit what the refs did was wrong but they should have some talks. I mean they will issue an apology but no one, with NBA, will admit that they knowingly blew the out of bounds call to make up for the blown...
So you're thinking a make up call? That was a strange time in the game to do it.They could have made the make up call, but clearly should have reversed it on review.In the wide open like that it was ridiculous to flaunt the rules.
Yeah but with 11 seconds left the ball was called out of bounds on LAC. It was clear on review to me and the announcers it was out on OKC and should have been LAC ball. Does anyone think it was called correctly?With the right call, Westbrook doesn't get his 3 foul shots.Different call almost certainly results in a different winner.
"I am not a racist" X 25He's also asked Anderson Cooper if he was ever jealous of a woman. LOLSterling could have been prepped a lot better for this fiasco.I guess a guy that spent 2.5 million on Stiviano, and then said he was jealous of her, He couldn't control her and appears to have had no good advisers. He was probably surrounded by yes-men and still is.And the stuff he is saying about Magic will be hard to deny.Magic "I have attained the Aids virus" Johnson can do...
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