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Portland opens at Memphis. The huge turnaround is SAS opening at LAC versus SAS opening at home against Dallas.SAS goes from the hottest team around to an under dog. At least I think LAC will be favored for the series.
If Memphis wins, SAS plays on the road versus LAC in opening round. That cud be the best first round series. SAS not going to get any rest and Doc Rivers versus Pop will be interesting.
The Hobo gets a vote equal to your vote.
I thought New Yorkers are tough and don't put up with shit. Evict Fire Victim Bilkers from NYC http://www.gofundme.com/r7b7quk Let's get this rolling
The cat has become a dog!That should be worth $50,000,000.
In 1956 I lived at 42 Clinton St. ( between Rivington and Stanton Sts ), with my parents. It was a 2 bedroom walkup and we paid $40 a month rent. The building is still there.My Grandma Rose lived on Houston St, just about directly across from Katz's Deli. It was in a subsidized hi-rise for Seniors. She paid about $20 a month, and complained about the "high rent".
Very nice and extremely simple for you.
That ain't no pup LOL
Paul Newman?
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