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You should write at least one baseball article.John Updike did.
Maybe the next Doug Flutie
Not only the punt return, the whole play was great. I did not think there was a fair catch signaled, but it was awful close LOL
Is the brothel in East St Louis?
JJ Watt should kick FGs for the Texans. That's coming.
You can go 8 to 10 days without a crap ??????Comatose people go more than that.For myself, the first crap of the day is a spiritual experience.
Beware the wide stance.
Whitney Mercilus is a pretty good NFL name. But don't forget Ben Gay, who played recently, ( he put a hurt in his opponents ) and Fair Hooker who played in the 1970s ( he was for square deals ). In NASCAR there is a Dick Trickle and in Soccer there is a Fabian Assman.
I don't get all the fear mongering about Ebola. I think it's been wildly overhyped. 3,000 cases in Africa is awful but does not equal a worldwide pandemic.
Manton looks good, TW looks great
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