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A lot of Texans are buying in Costa Rica.
Israelis, technically Asians
Coach: Shaquille O'Neal used to spar naked with NBA teammates http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mma-cagewriter/coach--shaquille-o-neil-used-to-spar-naked-with-nba-teammates-123936575.html I wonder if this is true? Kind of scary, if so. Note, this would be a heck of a photoshop opp.
G, I always took you for an excellent parent.Doesn't your kid ever say, "I want a fu#cking pie"?
Some great reviews now, LOL,Christopher K.Cambridge, MA1.0 star rating 8/4/2014My girlfriend and I stayed here over the weekend. They limited us to one poop per day or we were to be charged an "Excess Waste Fee" of $200. Had to put a cork in my ass just to save ourselves a couple Benjamins.Never, ever, again.Was this review …?Useful 118 Funny 233 Cool 34
It's Kanye West of course, look at his smile,The young fan in the front has just serviced Kanye.
Princeton has always been noted for smart ass old farts that don't drive,
My WIFI and cellular started working again on their own. I hope it doesn't stop.
Works on Sprint now for me.I'm not sure what it was.
So the 4G Sprint service does not get me on SF with my phone. But I can get on SF with WIFI on the phone. Any ideas how I can get the Sprint service to access SF?
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