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Great game at the half. Since I don't have a dog in the fight, and Houston awaits the winner, I hope the lead changes hands 25 times and the game goes to triple overtime. Let the winner be very tired going into the next series.
NYC has lost in it's bid for the Obama Library, Chicago Said to Be Choice Over New York as Obama Library Site http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/01/us/politics/chicago-to-be-chosen-as-site-for-obamas-presidential-library.html Oh, the shame!
Some of you guys know a little about NBA basketball LOL Which matchup do you think would be better for the Rockets? LAC or SAS? They have home court either way.
Yeah, MGM is a BassMaster, and belongs among the elite
Which of you current New Yorkers are going to the protest at Union Sq. We have some ultra Libs here. Surely someone on SF will admit to it. Lefty, Manton, Booth, Biscotti, Anyone
If the Spurs win this series, do they face the Rockets or GS in their next series? I thought that the low seed always faces the top seed, so SA ( 6th seed ) would face GS ( 1 seed ) and the Rockets ( 2nd seed ) would face winner of Memphis - Portland series ( 4th and 5th seeds ). But many are saying that the Rockets will face the Spurs next series. What is correct?
Kenny Cosgrove said 53 Margaux is the best.
Congrats, IHOP or Howard Johnson?
So she takes after your wife,
Wow, that is some deep doo-doo!
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