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Mel Gibson has it optioned.
They are about 1/20th of the "MSM"They are absolutely in the tank for a Trump, but so are MSNBC and CNN for Hillary ( which cancels out Fox ).As to the rest of the MSM, they are predominantly for Hillary. There are more sources like WashPo than there are like Breitbart.So, I absolutely claim the MSM is predominantly for Hillary.
Similar to some of the GOP primary debates.By any logical metric, Trump lost them.Yet he held steady or gained after each one.I was a Kasich man, and would still prefer him. But Trump didn't pull votes out of his as to win the GOP primary. He's on to something.And whether you think that the MSM has been fair to Trump or very biased against him, I predict they will get much more against him as the election nears.
In substance, Hillary won. In "passion" Trump won. Sort of like the GOP primaries. Many, Cruz, Bush, Kasich were better on substance but Trump's "passion" ( interrupting, mannerisms and excitement ) resonated. Trump won't be hurt by this debate.
Nobodies mind will change over this debate.
Doesn't matter, he always looks like he just polished off a pitcher of beer.
You think he genuinely believes he can make America Great Again?
Rep. Steve King Tweets: After Debate America Asks, ‘Was Hillary on Her Meds or Off Her Meds?’ http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/09/26/rep-steve-king-tweets-after-debate-america-asks-was-hillary-on-her-meds-or-off-her-meds/ Since Hilly is on Meds 24/7 this must be a trick question.
Trust me
Well, we know Cetin is a Young Turk.
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