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Obama might be calling Kim K. Kardashian Nation is very important to the Obama base.
"What's in a name... The name of the restaurant is a riff on the premise that the soul weighs 21 grams. 42 grams represents what Chef Jake and his wife Alexa collectively bring to your dining experience." https://www.42gramschicago.com/faq.html
Looks wonderful though the portions seem very small.Some of their reviews mention this too. Did you find the portions notably small?Anyway, the website and reviews show this to be rising new star.
Adderall is a heck of a spice.
Now, now, next you'll complain about important Holidays like MLK Day.
Imagine a 7 Ft Calvin Murphy. It's not like Calvin didn't try LOL
Too bad, since I think Dez is more important to the Cowboys than Murray. Also, I think there should be a grandfathering of previous "abuse" incidents by NFL players since the current get tough era. If they went back enough years probably 80-85% of NFL players have an "incident" or two in their background. Coke, ADHD Meds, steroids et al, are some powerful drugs.
Surely not the only "secret" drug lab in NYC.
This movie had it all, including a cameo of Muhammed Ali as Cassius Clay in a fight scene.
The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat!
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