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What time is it kiddies? Why, it's Godwinization time. Bill Maher, SNL, Louis C K, HuffPo, Glenn Beck and the NY Daily News have done it. http://www.thewrap.com/trump-hitler-roundup-heres-whos-compared-donald-trump-to-hitler-this-weekend/ Consider the sources, but be prepared for a record number of Godwinizations this election. The Fuehrer would be proud.
Ted Cruz is not making a comeback.You owe me one.
Yes, this is the best thing about Trump.
Looks great,Welcome back, and keep them coming.
Oh boy, a 7 year Necro. There is "new evidence" O.J. SIMPSON BURIED KNIFE FOUND AT O.J.'S ESTATE Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2016/03/04/oj-simpson-knife-found-murders-nicole-brown/#ixzz41yyCz3YB I still believe the "real killers" will be apprehended. Just a little more time is needed. And if this knife does have Nicole and Ron's blood on it, then it's apparent that it was planted like the "bloody glove".
I was just kidding but it's another example of how crazy politics has become this season.Brucie is the shining star of the Trans, LGBT, queers, or whatever term they want to use, yet somehow here is a headline that has Brucie acknowledging that he is attracted to the doctrinaire, arch conservative Ted Cruz.I wonder if Cruz would disavow a Bruce Jenner endorsement? Probably not, but it would be funny.
OK, already. What is that white spot in Cruz's mouth?
Gee, no mention of Global Warming or BLM at the debate. I hereby pledge to support the GOP nominee, no matter who it is
Evidence of the inclusive Cruz message, Caitlyn Jenner: 'I like Ted Cruz' http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2016/03/03/caitlyn-jenner-like-ted-cruz/81284380/ Could this be the start of an LGBT charge to Cruz?
Do you think that academics and media people are more truthful than police?Just askin
New Posts  All Forums: