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Short answer, NOIn the WWII era FDR did this to hide a "physical infirmity" from the public.In today's world of twitter, et al, it would be hard to hide anything.
Heat are shooting 55% at the half and they're down by 21. Go figure! Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk
I thought I saw Hibbert selling beer in the lower stands. Anyone else see him, or is he a no show tonight? Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk
And what about Stiviano? With a face that could stop a moving train, she should be able to leverage her "fame" into something. At the very least Ballmer should give her a couple of very high up, crappy seats to his Clippers and tell her to bring whoever she wants to the games.
Wouldn't that be conne?
Are these from Afghanistan or the Golden Triangle?
I feel like I wasted 2 hours watching it. Mutos have played in the NFL for many years. A movie of this quality could have been made by college kids with great tech skills. NB:I did like the original 1950's Godzilla which I saw at a movie on Delancey St in NYC, whan I was 7 years old. At least it had "dynamic violence". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h1YmMbQxow
Looks like the real Roy Hibbert has shown up. Doesn't mean IND will win but it's a good sign for them. Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk
Pop will have Adams foul out every game. just a matter of how early.
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