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When the Ebola "crisis" was at it's peak, i called it as overhyped and an example of very good scare tactic marketing.On a marketing/business basis you have to give credit to the Ebola and BLM crowds. Their marketing and ROI have been superb and their outsized influence is quite incredible. Somewhere Saul Alinsky is smiling.This is what I said about Ebola 2 years ago [[SPOILER]]
Which result do you think is better for US interests? This is not a trick or bait question. I don't know much about Turkish policy, and I was wondering how either result would effect the US.By interests, I mean US economic interests and security interests.
Sheriff: North Carolina deputy fatally shoots man, http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/07/15/sheriff-north-carolina-deputy-fatally-shoots-man.html White cop shoots white man in NC, responding to 911 call, Who gives a shit?
He has wise advisers around him like Gingrich, and reports say that Sarah Palin has tutored Trump in international affairs.In other news, the media seems to be hedging bets and are indicating it could go either way.but, just now at 6:37, a news report says that Erdogan has declared the coup attempt over and defeated.
Was Alton Sterling the victim of a busy, brutal news cycle? http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2016/07/15/alton-sterling-funeral-victims-busy-brutal-violent-news-week/87140350/ This is despicable! American hero and martyr Alton Sterling who was brutally executed by racist White Police, has been pushed off the top of the news cycle. People seem to care more about the victims in Nice and the Turkey Coup, a crappy Muslim country 1/2 way around the world, than...
You have good sources. I'm online and haven't see that. I'm sure you're better with the net than I am.
It seems like this is how things are done these days. I wonder if Erdogan has a tweet account?
Bill Clinton and Trayvon Martin's mother headline DNC speakershttp://www.cnbc.com/2016/07/15/bill-clinton-and-trayvon-martins-mother-headline-dnc-speakers.html I guess Michael Brown's mother was not available.
It's good for the race baiters and hustlers, along with politicians that benefit from it.I think a lot can be explained by age. I went to school in the 1960s ( MS, HS and Uni ). Back then the perception would have been very accurate. I was in NYC and I didn't see Jim Crow, but discrimination and racism was normal and accepted.The Ciivil Right Act passed in 1964 and there were no immediate changes. But by the 1970s there were AA programs, bussing and other stuff that had an...
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