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I thought you speak Left Coast English
And somewhere Stiviano smiles. ....
Oh well, Pierce is not that good anyway.
For a good meat up you need a hoe down.
With a decent hair stylist, Noah could become an all star again.
Looks good, and elegant compared to your usual posts.
You have the right username.
She sounds like a perfect client, did she retain you?Also, introduce her to one of your midget rapists. Their spawn would be notable.
In the 1950s the Hassidics in Williams Burg used to complain about "city people" moving there. Or so my Dad used to say.
People that bet on Cavs are hurting. The line was 2 & 1/2 and LeBron's game winner looked like a 3 pointer at first. Refs said his foot was on the line, the shot was a 2,, and the Cavs won by 2.
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