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Falcon, I am nominating you for a Joe Louis Award.The award to the individual who most succeeds in displaying traits that are a credit to his race.Congrats!PS: This is much more prestigious than a Nobel.
Don't sweat it, Obama is commenting on this incident as a case of typical ME workplace violence.
As usual, Trump is ahead of the curve. Instead of providing cheap Obama phones to poor POC in the Hoods, he will provide quality Ghetto Gats to POC across the nation. Estimates are that crime ( particularly violent crime ), will be reduced as much as 50%.
Pandering Illustrated, formerly known as Sports Illustrated,
Marksmanship and Accuracy Inequality are huge issues. When 60 people are shot and only 3 or 4 die, we all lose.Chicago hit 1,900+ shootings as of today, but there are only 280+ homicides, indicating a widening racial disparity in accuracy that some experts say primarily impacts young men of color."Unless accuracy inequality is addressed," President Obama said today in reference to figures showing that whites commit only 1% of the shootings in Chicago, but that all hits are...
What did your client major in?
You know Trump only looks like a buffoon because of the Orange Duck on his head. Take away the Duck L'Orange and Trump is a serious, caring, intellectual statesman.
This one is for Trayvon, [[SPOILER]]
I bet she still shorted you.
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