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Just a little Urban Street Performance Art.Or USPA
You should write at least one baseball article.John Updike did.
Maybe the next Doug Flutie
Not only the punt return, the whole play was great. I did not think there was a fair catch signaled, but it was awful close LOL
Is the brothel in East St Louis?
JJ Watt should kick FGs for the Texans. That's coming.
You can go 8 to 10 days without a crap ??????Comatose people go more than that.For myself, the first crap of the day is a spiritual experience.
Beware the wide stance.
Whitney Mercilus is a pretty good NFL name. But don't forget Ben Gay, who played recently, ( he put a hurt in his opponents ) and Fair Hooker who played in the 1970s ( he was for square deals ). In NASCAR there is a Dick Trickle and in Soccer there is a Fabian Assman.
I don't get all the fear mongering about Ebola. I think it's been wildly overhyped. 3,000 cases in Africa is awful but does not equal a worldwide pandemic.
New Posts  All Forums: