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Top Trending Google Question: Voters Don’t Know What Political Party Hillary Clinton Belongs To http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/10/24/top-trending-google-question-voters-dont-know-what-political-party-hillary-clinton-belongs-to/ This is from Breitbart, but the info is from Google. It's pretty funny and probably accurate as to the knowledge of typical voters. I'm sure Trump voters are about as knowledgeable.
McAuliffe’s SuperPAC paid $500,000 to campaign of wife of FBI official overseeing Hillary email investigation http://hotair.com/archives/2016/10/24/terry-mcauliffes-superpac-paid-500000-fbi-official-overseeing-hillary-email-investigation/ No smoking gun here, but prepare for a lot of this kind of stuff in a Hillary administration.
Adult Film Star Accuses Donald Trump of Sexual Misconduct, Bringing Total Number of Accusers to 11 I wonder of Allred coordinates this stuff with Hillary's campaign? It's getting ridiculous http://people.com/politics/jessica-drake-accuses-donald-trump-sexual-misconduct/ “I am a feminist, an advocate for women’s rights, the rights for sex workers,” Drake said, “I am involved with many charities, locally and internationally. For the past five years, I’ve been involved in...
Well, it's true in the sense that Trump and his supporters will much more readily blame his impending loss on a rigged system, before they will blame it on Trump's positions and gaffes.
As the sense of Trump losing sets in, more and more people ( starting with him ), are using the "screwed by the establishment" rationale for the loss.But I still don't hear many people saying that he is a good conservative since that is so absurd.
Everyone watching the event closely agrees that the best part of the night was Maria Bartiromo's boobs. http://www.mofopolitics.com/2016/10/20/alfred-e-smith-dinner/
No worries, Kershaw is the new Mr October.
I meant the 30 K
I believe Obama was a full scholarship student.All accounts say that his Mom and Grand Parents were very concerned with him having the best education possible, and I would guess they had something to do with him attending Punahou.Point is, parents even without monetary backing, can be a great influence in their children's educations.
Hillary already putting up victory statues around Manhattan, [[SPOILER]]
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