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Great advocacy. You're probably an excellent trial Attorney.I wish you could get involved in the defense of the Baltimore cops and/or the Texas bikers.
? Patrick Beverley is a master at "drawing injuries", but he's out. What do you know?
Don't gome and Manton have better things to do?
Not knowing if you'll get everything you ordered and sometimes getting things you didn't order, is next level service. Nouvelle NYC
Yeah, and you do know there are butthole babies?Many walk among us.
Wiener's real life son Marten Wiener played Sally's BF Glen Bishop. Maybe there will be a prequel to MM that will feature Glen as he grows up and takes us through the mid 1970s, the 1980s and into the 1990s. Why not? there's a sucker born every.....................
Where did you get this?
I thought you speak Left Coast English
And somewhere Stiviano smiles. ....
Oh well, Pierce is not that good anyway.
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