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Congrats, America needs immigrants who are not rapists
You talkin to me?
Meet Jack Schitt Jack is the only son of Awe Schitt and O. Schitt, and he has an interesting family tree: In 1957, Awe Schitt, the fertilizer magnate, married O. Schitt, the owner of Needeep N. Schitt, Inc. They had one son, Jack. Jack Schitt grew up and married Noe, and together Jack and Noe Schitt produced 6 children: Holie Schitt (who came to be known as "The Lucky Schitt") Fulla Schitt Shineola (who didn't really have the Schitt Face) Giva Schitt Bull Schitt ...
Yummy, looks like frogs.Maybe prep for a beautiful Anura Tartare.
Nice start
Nice, no 4 Oz. cuts for me.
Great first post !
Only one Gomes star and it's not Marcelo.
Post a picture and we'll tell you 100%
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