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You are correct about this talking point, A whole lot of the Trump talking points are big stretches or complete BS. And how does the #MAGA theme rub you? Well, I guess that's no worse than "HopeAndChange theme of the Obama years.But this is what should be addressed:Electoral College VotesTrump 306Clinton 238Truly amazing!
Nada, I moved it to Official Trump thread. Thanks
Well, maybe the Trumpster will not be a right as a Presidential SNL host, Here's his tweet reaction to the above SNL, and Alex Baldwin's tweet response, http://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/tv/trump-tweets-disapproval-snl-sketch-about-his-tweeting-habits-n691666 Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump Just tried watching Saturday Night Live - unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. Sad 11:13 PM - 3 Dec 2016 8,213 8,213...
Trump ought to host a SNL show after he is inaugurated, Many Presidential candidates have hosted SNL, and one sitting President said "Live from NYC", but no sitting President has ever hosted. It would be a bit inappropriate and tacky, so it's perfect for President Trump. If he can laugh at himself, the show might be a real winner.
You left out the call with Duterte of the Philippines. Supposedly Duterte said that Trump commended him for fighting his brutal war on drugs, the right way!Even I, as a Law and Order guy, will say that I hope Trump doesn't appoint David Clarke to run a similar war on drugs here.
None of them are, but Mediaite has been called Conservative by Rachel Maddow, and Liberal by Bill O'Reilly, so they must be doing something right.Here is one of the primary reasons Hillary lost.‘We Have Put White Supremacy Into the White House’: CNN Commentator Rails Against Trumphttp://www.mediaite.com/online/we-have-put-white-supremacy-into-the-white-house-cnn-commentator-rails-against-trump/People are truly tired of this obnoxious garbage. At least enough people to win...
You need to lighten up and take yourself less seriously. You're as thin skinned as the Trumpster.I was genuinely using Trump's quote as a joke.Yeah, I think Trump is a buffoon, but I'm not worried one bit about his Presidency.I'm still extremely glad that Trump was elected, and not Hillary.Relax Eric, you're a talented young successful academic. The next 8 years will fly by.
This was just posted, after intial stories of a mistrial ??????????????? T.J. HolmesVerified account ‏@tjholmes Jury now indicates it wants to continue deliberations. #SlagerTrial #WalterScott RETWEETS 129 LIKES 63 Darrel Hutchinson SrMama GrandMichel WrightJoyce KingRespectMyGameBarbara Ann GloverAlways4HillaryJared S.Shi'meek Branch 2:33 PM - 2 Dec 2016 8 replies 129 retweets 63 likes Reply 8 Retweet 129 Like 63 More
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