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And he did it with two fingers, not his whole hand. This will be a highlight play that's hard to beat.
beblasio/sharptonjoined at hip
The prime time curse rears it's ugly way again. Carolina is overmatched by Philadelphia.
For Sale: Renovated Luxury Condo; Can Survive Nuclear Attack Affluent buyers worried about doomsday are snapping up well-appointed bunkers built in a former missile silo http://online.wsj.com/articles/for-sale-renovated-luxury-condo-can-survive-nuclear-attack-1415575922 I saw this in the WSJ and it reminded me of Manton ( no aspersions whatsoever ). I seem to remember he occasionally talked about an attack bunker, though I doubt it was anything lavish like...
I miss NYC
Inner city Paris and Rome are worse than NYC for dangerous city driving.Where in the ME are you talking about?
Good night folks.
Final take from the post game show. Sandoval doesn't miss many meals.
Bumgarner has convinced me. Do you let him try to finish out the game if he gets through 8,
The King is dead, long live the King So sayeth Clayton Kershaw
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