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Gotcha,But I think she should of put the ode on something like a tramp stamp and not under her tit, if she didn't want people to look at her tit,Like this,
Disagree,I wasn't "leaning into her chest". I just lowered a little to be at eye level with the artistic masterpiece.I ninja edited the pics in, but the second pic give's a good idea of the tat and her garb, other than the tat was under her tit and not on her side.Ya really gonna say that someone with a tat like that, and a skimpy halter top, should expect that others will not read it?
65, Medicare, BabyI went to PS4 up the block. Wonder if it's still there?
Why do people get tattoos in script if they don't want others to read them? So, I'm sitting at a Galleria area Starbucks here ion Houston, minding my business, when a stripper walks in. No, she didn't have a sign saying she was a stripper but all the hallmarks were there and my stipperdar is accurate. Anyway, it's hot in Houston, and she was wearing a very tiny halter top. Under her left tit was a very big tattoo in script with a lengthy inscription. Might have been the...
I lived at 42 Clinton St, between Rivington and Stanton 60 years ago. I think the neighborhood has gotten better.
Why don't you call them up,http://www.clevelandsteamercleaner.com/They used to be M#thaF*cka Cleaners but they changed their name.
Kershaw time again, Sunday Night game of the week on ESPN, against the Cards
That was a dagger but I doubt the Rockets would have done very well against SA if they played them instead of Portland losing easily to SA.
A white girl with marbles in her mouth, Iggy Azalea,
Yes, but I give Falcon a pass here.I don't see how any attorney can force someone to not testify if they insist on it.
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