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Yes, Harambe does well against Stein and Johnson.Which party does he represent.
Agreed, if you mean African American culture ( versus non-USA Black culture ).I'm sure that the Nigerians that I know would say they are part of, and have been raised in a Black culture ( as it applies to them ), but I've yet to hear one of them say he is an African American.AAMOF, as I've said, Nigerians in the US are very successful as to education levels, income, and family cohesiveness.I don't have time to check it, but I'm pretty sure that most sizable homogenous...
If it's impossible to completely irradiate racism, we might try the sous vide method. Maybe that will eradicate it.
I'm pretty sure that some stories have said that he was not wearing a red shirt. But some are saying that he should have told the 911 dispatcher that he was armed ( so they could communicate that to the cops, I guess ). Reports also are saying that the incident happened extremely quickly. I guess that is so the cops can say that they headed into an unknown situation and made an instantaneous decision, when a gun was pointed at them.They might say he was brandishing his...
"It just got 10' taller".If he did this, everytime he said it, the wall would be 500' high, which would be quite a sight.
Requiem for a hero, [[SPOILER]]
Bachman would make a good Evangelical Czar.
Disturbing statue of nude Donald Trump with tiny genitals removed from Union Square http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/disturbing-statue-nude-donald-trump-pops-union-square-article-1.2756617 Trump's hands look normal size to me.
#GLM And Hillary will soon be pandering for #GLM votes, The DEMs tried to get Harambe's mom for their convention, but she was unavailable.
Donald Trump Hands Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Bannon New Roles in Campaign http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/donald-trump-hands-kellyanne-conway-stephen-bannon-new-roles-campaign-n632471 Not a good sign at this late date.
New Posts  All Forums: