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Megyn Kelly calling Donald Trump a Putz, would be ratings gold.Anderson Cooper pondering when Hillary was last shtupped would do well too.
The post represents NYC - Yiddish views of political nomenclature,Here ya go,https://*********g.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/list-monday-yiddish-words-for-penis/
In tribute to the missing Mr. Falcon, I post this
Trump has the Libs going crazy, Huffpost New York Daily News Isn't it wonderful
Trump road his Bologna Pony to the heights tonight. Hillary really got schlonged tonight. You might say she was Bernie's putz. And Bill was the DEMs schmendrick. Kasich was the evening's petzel and rose rapidly. Cruz and Bush were Trump's schmuck and schmeckel respectively, but can still rise. Rubio has been shvanced by Christie and will not rise. Christie is reduced to a shtickl after being shtupped in NH.
It's really kind of silly.Right now,Bush is at 12%, about 1 out of 8 votes, and he will spin it as a big win.Crua is at 12% too, and will probably spin it as a very good night.Rubio is at 10%, about 1 out of 10 votes, and he will be judged a loser.I under estimated Trump, and he is clearly the big winner tonight, if there is any.
Sanders hopping on the Pander Express tomorrow and meeting with the leader of Black America, Al Sharpton, Bernie Sanders, the Rev. Al Sharpton set to have breakfast at Sylvia’s in Harlem http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/bernie-sanders-rev-al-sharpton-meet-breakfast-article-1.2525950 I wonder what Bernie would promise Big Al to win his coveted endorsement?
Who is this Pelham, NH primary voter supporting? http://www.boston.com/news/politics/2016/02/09/pound-pig-escapes-from-farm-tries-vote/6nVB9bGJAyYCD0cAb9NiWO/story.html
Hillary is poised to out perform in NH, Here, a Hillary voter patiently waits at the Pelham, NH polling place. http://www.boston.com/news/politics/2016/02/09/pound-pig-escapes-from-farm-tries-vote/6nVB9bGJAyYCD0cAb9NiWO/story.html
Kasich has little chance to get the nomination.But if he did, don't you think he has more mass appeal than Cruz, and more gravitas than Rubio?
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