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So much BS in NYC [[SPOILER]]
Side view of the cow in the wild,
Have you ever been given a senior discount without asking for it, Lefty? BTW:Some senior discounts start at 50. I don't know how old you are, but if you qualify, why not.
That's a bad sign.Do people under 30, generally call you Sir?
It seems a 15 year old youth was your cousin's killer, but it was not played up Case of Taxi Driver Because of the secrecy of juvenile proceedings, for example the last the public heard of the case of Morris Rotter, a 23‐year‐old taxicab driver shot to death last Sept. 7 in his taxi during a robbery attempt, was when two 14‐year‐old boys with long histories of...
This is what a Google pulled up. ARCHIVES | 1974 Cabby Fatally Shot in Harlem; Was Member of Police Patrol By JUDITH CUMMINGSSEPT. 8, 1974 The article as it originally appeared. VIEW PAGE IN TIMESMACHINE September 8, 1974, Page 44 The New York Times Archives A 23‐year‐old taxicab driver who was a member of a drivers organization trained by the police to report crimes and distress in the streets was fatally wounded in Harlem early yesterday, the police said. The driver,...
Ephraim, so it was 1974! A long time ago.Your cousin went to Abraham Lincoln HS, on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, when I did. He was a great guy that was liked by everybody. I think he also played ball at 2nd St Park in Brighton Beach, where a lot of his friends hung out. I guess he lived in Brighton Beach.In 1974 there was a huge recession in NYC, and many of us drove taxi cabs full, or part time. It was very different then, and I remember there was once a headline that a...
I'm amazed you saw the OP, Ephraim. I'm on my phone but I'll comment later.
Maybe photoshopped, but funny anyway
And you saw best SB ever.Congrats
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