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The best herding dogs use monkeys as jockeys. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/31/monkeys-ride-dogs-herd-rams-colts-video_n_2390081.html
Tony Romo?
Crumble or not it was a Hell of a game.
And an all time NFL record.
The weekend is not over LOL
Just saw Ann Coulter at a Houston 24 Hr Mexican place called ChaCho on Westheimer. It's a counter place, so we talked for about 5 minutes waiting for our orders. She had just done a book signing and a talk at a Church on Woodway, and I must admit she looked better in person than she does on TV.
So finally MGM has some competition.
I don't know about the "Fancy Onion" options.My comments were solely about SRs photo.
It was Tony Roma's french fries and coleslaw that bested you.
How do I change my Sig?
New Posts  All Forums: