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Imagine a 7 Ft Calvin Murphy. It's not like Calvin didn't try LOL
Too bad, since I think Dez is more important to the Cowboys than Murray. Also, I think there should be a grandfathering of previous "abuse" incidents by NFL players since the current get tough era. If they went back enough years probably 80-85% of NFL players have an "incident" or two in their background. Coke, ADHD Meds, steroids et al, are some powerful drugs.
Surely not the only "secret" drug lab in NYC.
This movie had it all, including a cameo of Muhammed Ali as Cassius Clay in a fight scene.
The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat!
ESPN is saying that Vegas has named Seattle as the pre season favorite to win next year's SB. I don't see it.
Then why not try to have it both ways. Use that TO after Beast's 4 YD run. Then if Beast scores on the next play, you still have about 55 seconds to come back.You would still be trying to stop the Seahawks with your defense, but if Seattle did score, the Pats would have had a little time for a miracle comeback.I think Belichick was as surprised by the pass as everyone was.
Again, I ask you football experts. With about 1:06 left, and the Seahawks with the ball on the Pats 5, why didn't Belichick use his 2 time outs? It seemed 95% certain that Seattle would score a TD. If so NE could have come back to tie with a FG. Brady even said he was thinking that way, after Kearse's miracle catch put Seattle at the 5 with about 1:06 left, and the Patriots having 2 TOs. A few of the people I was watching the game with even thought that the smart play...
And let's not forget that Seattle wouldn't have been in a position to win if not for Kearse's miracle catch. Butler was covering Kearse on that play too making his interception ( 2 plays later ), one of the most ironic, important plays in NFL history. Good for undrafted rookie Butler out of Western Alabama.
"If this pass doesn't work, I still have 2 downs and a timeout."
New Posts  All Forums: