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How much room should there be in the upper ankle area of the beeswax? My finger and fit inside the boot behind my ankle. I don't know if mine are to loose or if it is just myself not being used to boots that don't lace up higher.
How much do the STF shrink in length? Do I need to purchase a size bigger or is it already taken into account?
If I were to wash New Standards how much would they shrink in length?
For the APC new standard. they all seem to have the same length. do i just bring them somewhere to have them shortened?
Quote: Originally Posted by Clover216 No, no, no. Three shirts for $14 EACH. So basically $42 for a pack of tree. Sorry to get your hopes up like that, but here's the link if you wanted it anyways. Here is another pack of three for $13 each, but they are 100% cotton instead. If you're going to go 100% cotton, Hanes has this deal for two t-shirts for $16 ($8 each). That's as low as I can find for trusty sellers. Thanks for the links. Knew...
Quote: Originally Posted by Clover216 Unfortunately, all the cheap t-shirts (like under $10) from trusty makers appear to all be 100% cotton. If anyone could point me in the direction of some super-cheap, quality blend shirts I'd really appreciate it. American Apparel is the cheapest I'm seeing right now and it's selling three packs for $14 each. Not too bad, but if there are any cheaper that'd be great. 3 shirts for $14? Where do I find this?
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