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I too was going to pull the trigger on the Roy, but don't want to have my cash sitting somewhere for 6 months before delivery. Now am seriously considering the PT from leather soul after seeing the pics on this thread and thinking that its worth the extra cash for NOT having to wait, plus you get cordovan. Am I correct in assuming that the general shape of these two boots is about the same--plain toe? Are the main differences, besides the leather quality, that the...
My is a regular length size 40, which is my jacket size. I considered going down a size since it is pretty bulky but the sleeves would've been too short. I've had this for about 4 years and it has a lot of character--been re-waxed/oiled twice. Wore it last month in the rain with no problem. I did not consider the double logger. The cruiser has double layers of materials in key spots, so is both quite durable and warmer than other jackets without lining. However, I would...
Funny, I just slipped on my tin cruiser:
unless they live in a trailer park--then its not a trend but a way of life.
I'll take it, check your pm!
Got my stuff yesterday--thanks for the speedy shipping: free bump :-)
pm'ed you on the flannel.
Payment sent for EG jeans.
check your pm
Am I reading your pricing right--jeans dropped to $40?
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