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would also like the answer to above question
Yes--Fred Segal sale starts on Friday in L.A. Won't be going as I got the Billy Reid x Levi denim shirt at Bloomingdales for 20% off using the following code: FallFriend.
I'll take them!
Hey Chad, When will the new run of the Work Trouser DBL be coming out? Will we still need to size down for this run?
Thanks for outting this guy--I too almost bit.
That's a great price! You have the 20% to share?
I'll take them!
Looks like the son is wearing the 'Legend' model, which Will Smith wore in the movie. This one tends to be a little longer, and does not have the Bellstaff logo or the union jack on the front top pockets. Mine is the 'Che' version, which has an angled pocket but is not quite as waxy as the 'Legend' and uses a material called Millerain:
Quote: Originally Posted by Woofers Anyone have photos of the grey CPO, would love to see it 'in the field'... Kinda grey and kinda in the field:
Saw a version of the moto boot in MF last week--at that time, they were hoping to keep it under 1 g. The leather is very high quality and because it is lined with another layer inside, seems especially thick. There are also great stitching details on it. Because they are specially made in limited runs, at less than 1g, they would not make much so I'm not surprised at the new price point. The version on display, however, had leather soles, which would disqualify them for...
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