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Picked up a Barbour Japanese SL Bewick from Cultizm; got to L.A. super fast with no duty tax, no international charge with PayPal, great customer service. Surprised they still have some on sale as I could not find them in the States even at regular price. A much better fit for me than the Beaufort.
Yes!!! More collabs with Tanner?
Agree--unless you plan to wear thick winter socks then I would go 10.I have a pair of Lownsdale size 8 and a pair of Red Wing Wabasha size 8.5. The two fit similarly and I wear regular cotton socks with them but feel tight with wool Thorlo socks.
20% off all boots on Planet Shoe (boot20) and free shipping. Still some Lownsdales and other Danners available.
Really? I just see the extra 25% for sale items.
I almost pulled the trigger on those until I found the Lownsdale deal, such a great price on Boylston Trading. In the end, the Horween leather and softer outsole won me over but at a $100 premium.
Got any pix of those Lownsdale to keep me going until mine arrive? Already watched Tanners video too many times.
For those looking for a pair of Lownsdale, planetshoes has them for $350 with a 10% off today (no code needed). Free shipping and returns.
Nopike--thanks for tips. Still trying to decide if I should go TTS as I do with my Aldens, Redwings, Whites or size down half as suggested for these Danners. Since it was too small when you sized down the Elkins, do you usually wear D or wider in other shoes?
Try Need Supply-still offering extra -25%.
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