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C&J brown suede Merton (348 last) made for Barney's on a rubber sole. Size 10D. Brand new, great for fall. Nap is a little scuffed in two dots on the left toe, but a good suede brush should refresh that. they sole is 4.5" at the widest and a fraction shy of 12.75" long MSRP $500 yours $250 -> $235 shipped conUS NWT Purple Label knit tie, harvard crimson color, keeper has come loose at one corner. NWT Black Label knit tie, gunmetal gray (a step more silver than...
My dad bought this watch in the late 80s off a bus driver on the Norway/Russia border. Poetically, it stopped working in the early 90s. He took it to a number of local places, but nobody could keep it running, so it's been gathering dust for over a decade. About how much would getting it fixed right cost? Worth it?
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T And I like how you put a thread about masturbation on the Fine Living board
Ernest Borgnine rules ok
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Are they leather with a fuzzy velvety finish or something else? I really want them but I'm having a hard time picturing what I'd wear them with. Acid-wash jeans, of course.
Alas, no. Quote: Also, don't wear ties with large polka dots, pictures of animals or sporting symbols (such as golf clubs). I once had a student who wore a fish tie to a Big Six firm interview!
Seems President Bush is a new fan of RMWs! Quote: Originally Posted by blogger Steve Clemons As part of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue earlier this year, I had the opportunity to hang out with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at the Willard Hotel. He's very cool. I asked him what he talked about with President Bush earlier in the day. He said a few things -- but what was most...
whatever would make you think such a thing?
Quote: Originally Posted by RunningBeagle Yelp is for assholes who have nothing better to do with their time... unlike StyleForum of course
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