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Great prices, even if not Purple Label. I'm always taken aback at the Outlet by how many rounds of markdowns it takes for RL cashmere sweaters to become a reasonable pickup.
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus I went to UVA over Penn, Brown, and Dartmouth. Best life decision so far. +1. I got into Harvard but still chose otherwise. Now that I work there, I'm really really glad I did so.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy assuming you are wearing pants, it's not noticeable. There you go again with those wild, unfounded assumptions.
1. Polo I cut. 40R 2 btn SB, single vent. Golden straw color with a strawberry blonde windowpane overcheck. 75% wool, 25% angora, super soft. Made in Italy. shoulders 18.5 chest 21.5 waist 19.5 length 30.5 sleeve 26 MSRP $1400, yours sold. 2. Polo II cut. 40R 3-roll-2.5, SB, dual vents. Color is a little tricky to photograph, it's like forest green herringbone, but a touch "warmer." a little heftier hand than #1, but still 75% wool, 25% angora. Made in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Interface Take for example Mugabe of Zimbabwe. I have never seen the man not in a suit. He sure looks good. But how does he do it? It's all about body temperature. When you have a cold reptilian heart, wearing layers of dark wool in sub-saharan climes is pretty easy.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel By the way, white faced watches are the black shoes of the watch forums What's the reason for this? Just too obvious and lacking in imagination, or is there some more complicated reason for the taboo?
I'd like to move these shoes fast, so the price is dropped.
Quote: Originally Posted by highball incredible piece, vox. there should be a emoticon for drooling... there is:
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel That watch costs about $75 new and a watchmaker is going to charge you that just to open it up. You can even by the russian movement in it for about $20. I'd buy a new one below. But those are remakes, right? This one is a real deal, made by actual communists (unless my pappy got lied to by a Russian busdriver. Did Soviet Kitsch replicas even exist in the 1980s...?) which reminds...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Dang, dude...have you tried Swiss Watchmaker right in the Square? It's on Church St. next to Rizzo. - B Have you used them before? I could have sworn I'd heard bad things about that place...
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