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anybody know the name of these chukkas from the "PS" line?
These (if still available) are awesome. I know I'm breaking the "no free bumps rule," but sue me. Anyone trawling the B&S who hasn't seen these will surely throw in for my legal fees.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Whose that chick in your sig? Stu's avatars always make me feel funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.
you'll need measurements to sell it, especially for a vintage piece.
You should add "I regret that I will not be buying any more shirts from J. Crew in the future." Clothing retailers are dumb beasts, their customer service guys even more so, and if you don't bluntly hit them where it hurts they'll read it and say "blah blah blah, some longwinded bellyaching." Make it clear why this is a bad move for them not just for you.
I'm sad. We didn't for a second look like a WS team out there, so it's earned, but it still makes me drink.
Great prices, even if not Purple Label. I'm always taken aback at the Outlet by how many rounds of markdowns it takes for RL cashmere sweaters to become a reasonable pickup.
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus I went to UVA over Penn, Brown, and Dartmouth. Best life decision so far. +1. I got into Harvard but still chose otherwise. Now that I work there, I'm really really glad I did so.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy assuming you are wearing pants, it's not noticeable. There you go again with those wild, unfounded assumptions.
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