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Quote: Originally Posted by romafan No love for Newburgh? Attachment 15110 I've always considered it of a piece with Poughkeepsie, when we're looking at a regional scale, but maybe that's just me being alma mater-centric.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flieger Why don't you apply to one of them Think Tanks in DC conne? You've got your fair share of firsthand experience teh tank.
Can I write-in Poughkeepsie?
wowsors, LDB raw <$100 shipped. good deal.
I pawed a very similar pair to these (yellow though) in the store. Lux As Hell. I can't think of anything better to spend xmas morning in.
Quote: Originally Posted by bach You meant to say M83, although it's thoroughly unsurprising that you didn't know the name of a band you don't listen to. Maybe he meant MC5? This is plausible, because they're a hearty perennial on the list of "bands people always claim to like but nobody ever really listens to."
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo anybody know the name of these chukkas from the "PS" line? bump. Bueller? nobody knows?
L'Eau d Navigateur. ideal for newspaper reading on a frigid sunday morning. I sit by my kitchen window, surrounded by all kinds of comforts and mod cons and just laugh at nature.
Brand new Paul Smith "PS" Chukkas. Brown, 2 eyelet, with antiquing at the toe and heels. Note the extra perfs around the eyelets. These were the display, so they have been tried on and no box, but they were definitely not worn outside (Paul Smith soles don't lie). size 44.5, 10.5. soles measure 12.8" tip to tip and 4.5" at the widest. MSRP $395, yours [sold.
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