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LOL http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...903332_pf.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton "Yeah, I used to be Bahai-ist, but when they started putting televangelists on TV doing fundraising drives, I lapsed. It's all corporate now. I don't believe in nuthin' no more. I'm going to law school." "NOOOOOO!!!" FWIW, there seems to have been more deliberations since 2004 as to how cozy we should be with MEK. If McClatchy's sources are to be believed, Sec. Rice was actively mulling whether to de-List...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton We do not back the MEK. They are on the terrorism list, for Christ's sake. They also somehow got on the Geneva Convention-protected list, so now even if we don't back them, we certainly got their back: U.S. Protects Iranian Opposition Group in Iraq Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I consider them to be an MEK front, which is what they are. Well then if you broaden MEK to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton We do not back the MEK. They are on the terrorism list, for Christ's sake. Do you consider MEK to be distinct from the National Council of Resistance of Iran?
It's true, suppressed ethnic (Azeri, etc) and religious (Bahai, etc) subgroups in Iran are getting pretty well sick and tired. Their discontent is a growing problem for Tehran. It's a funny comeuppance in a way: the universalist Islamist ideology the theocrats preach gave them a blind spot to these more particularist kinds of nationalisms that can crop up locally and threaten their authority. If the regime falls any time soon (which I'm not holding my breath for) my...
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami Future GOP "leaders." Hilarious. Almost as hilarious as the premise that the GOP has a "future."
Ronald Reagan.
Quote: Originally Posted by Irond Will Apparently Michelle really hated the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. It did all kinds of horrible things. I'd like it more if it were called the "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative."
This would be an excellent time for Larry Johnson (rememeber him? good times) to reveal the Michelle Obama Whitey tape
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