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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Does this mean congratulations are in order? congratulations because I am reading an enjoyable thread? Yeah sure, why not. Hey, congrats on that "Things that are pissing you off" thread, pretty awesome, amirite?
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe The thread you started on fatherhood was truly one of the best on SF this year. thanks for the tip.
another vote for
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I'm pro-chest. I have a similar manly undergrowth and my own research indicates that smaller doses last longer when sprayed on the chest hair than they do being sprayed on bare skin. You get the best of both worlds - subtle dosage and long lasting power. Well yes, it is a true fact that spraying on hair adds longevity, if only because hair don't sweat. I do the chest too, with stuff I'm comfortable about...
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Knize is a nice scent but you're on the right track with the dosage question - don't overdo it. I'd start with a single spray to the chest and maybe even dab each forarm in that spot right after you spray. If that ends up being too little, try 2 sprays the next time. If it ends up being too strong, next time spray from farther away. I really don't like a lot of sillage with a big leather scent like that. If it stays...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt So, I decided to stop wearing what I generally wear, Angeliques Sous la Pluie, at least for a little while. I went down to the garage to rummage through my small backstock, and came up with four possibilities. I'd love some help deciding which one to wear for the next few months, though it is probably a hard thing to do since you guys don't actually know me or my personality. Anyway, the contenders are: Knize...
is it like a specific frequency or something? How come static on a TV makes that particular sound? Waterfalls too, as far as I can tell. Also, how about "brown noise" or "blue noise," are those real things? What's the difference? just curious.
holy shit, sales thread bumpspam. they're getting good.
Handsome lads Greg. Try not to blow their college fund on shell cordo booties and bespoke onesies. here's what I got: http://www.amazon.com/New-Annotated-.../dp/0393059162 I don't expect to leave the house for a good 4 months or so.
These have been hanging around, unworn, for over a year now. I bought them, tried them on, thought "cool," and put them aside to go to the tailor's for hemming. They never made it. I just found them at the bottom of a pile and tried them on again, but I much prefer the fit of the LDB nowadays, so here they are. sold All the relevant specs, pics & info exhaustively documented here and here.
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