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http://bloggingheads.tv/diavlogs/28248 Sorry I forgot to post a link to this when it went live last week. Just as relevant now though, and a better match-up this time around, IMO.
Thanks to everyone who PMed, watch is gone (my fastest sale ever, I think. Timestamp of the buyer's PM is within 1 minute of thread's posting!)
the ever popular. Wore it 3 or 4 times but it's been gathering dust since I picked up a yobokies modded version of same. Comes with the black nylon 2 piece strap and also a fresh, never-used black & tan NATO shown here. $50 shipped conUS.
I love the look of the Hamilton Maestro, with its fine numerals and unfussy presentation; vaguely IWCish to my eye. However, at 45mm it's just too much hockey puck for my wrist. Can anybody who knows about these things suggest of a suitable substitute? Below $2K is where I'm looking. thx
I'm American. My Dad's Norwegian, Mom's German, Fiancee's Turkish, and I've learned all those. I took some Spanish in High school, so I'll call that 4.5 languages Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike Being Norwegian, I also understand Swedish and Danish quite well, the Scandinavian languages are quite close. +1 on this. My job requires me to correspond with colleagues speaking Danish, Swedish and (gulp) Icelandic all day long, and I...
L'Instant. nuthin fancy.
glad I steal cable from comcast.
the dutch are very very tall.
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie A continuum of frequencies having an equal power spectrum. IIRC. thanks! I checked it out on wikipedia, but couldn't really make heads or tails of what they meant (I've spent the last couple decades avoiding math at all costs, so it was greek to me)
jesus christ the posts in this thread are so fucking long. I didn't read any if them, so yeah whatevs sounds great, but srsly, too much words.
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