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I've got citizenship in the US, Norway & Germany. I don't get the need for one holder capable of containing them all. I prefer to keep them seprate actually; I feel like it looks sketchy to be flipping through them at security.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Who is the target audience is for these things, Joel? the internetz. Sorry I forgot to post a link to this when it went live last week. Just as relevant now though, and a better match-up this time around, IMO.
Thanks to everyone who PMed, watch is gone (my fastest sale ever, I think. Timestamp of the buyer's PM is within 1 minute of thread's posting!)
the ever popular. Wore it 3 or 4 times but it's been gathering dust since I picked up a yobokies modded version of same. Comes with the black nylon 2 piece strap and also a fresh, never-used black & tan NATO shown here. $50 shipped conUS.
I love the look of the Hamilton Maestro, with its fine numerals and unfussy presentation; vaguely IWCish to my eye. However, at 45mm it's just too much hockey puck for my wrist. Can anybody who knows about these things suggest of a suitable substitute? Below $2K is where I'm looking. thx
I'm American. My Dad's Norwegian, Mom's German, Fiancee's Turkish, and I've learned all those. I took some Spanish in High school, so I'll call that 4.5 languages Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike Being Norwegian, I also understand Swedish and Danish quite well, the Scandinavian languages are quite close. +1 on this. My job requires me to correspond with colleagues speaking Danish, Swedish and (gulp) Icelandic all day long, and I...
L'Instant. nuthin fancy.
glad I steal cable from comcast.
the dutch are very very tall.
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