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Today Wearing: Tressa - 25 Jewel Automatic - a charity shop purchase for a few bob.
These are my latest finds for restoration: Ellis Exeter - 1869 Limit Ingersoll Unmarked with Grossman Movement Unmarked - believe to be Swiss ladies Its going to be fun!
My Pocket Watches: Ellis Exeter - 1860s Ingersoll Crown Limit & 2 i'm still trying to work out what they are!
If you're into your ambient style music - or dream pop, whatever. You will probably like this Night air sounds amazing - all live all good!
Good to hear about the Japanese Breakfast - I like the idea of mix and match.
Doesn't sound good!
Hello Hello, I decided yesterday to set up a blog - Hotel Breakfasts dedicated to finding the best and worst hotel breakfasts in the world - its fairly new and I haven't added many pictures or reviews yet. Would the kind members of style forum like to add anything? Ideally a .jpg and a couple of lines of text, describing your satisfaction or dissatisfaction at the various breakfasts you may have had in the last couple of years. Thanks a lot! MLIW
I was told once "You know nothing about anything", In front of my friends. I wont lie, I felt very much like picking up a chick in a bar and having my way.
I tell you what I hate - being totally outclassed in an intelligent conversation with my gf - in front of people. REALLY IRRITATING!
I picked this up at the weekend - I dont know much about watches but it was definitely after the 1950's - Hand wind Services Watch 17 Jewel Lever blah blah - nice light on the wrist, beautiful watch (imo) Anyone know any more about Services Watches?
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